Design Requirements

Participants will be invited to design a temporary pavilion offering a distinctive response to this unique location.  The pavilion will act as an informal space where the public can sit and relax, and should be capable of being utilised as a venue for talks, workshops or small events and potentially hosting small performances.  Particular attention should be given to innovation in material use, green features and recyclability to minimise the environmental impact at the end of the project.  The temporary pavilion is scheduled to open in the first half of 2018 and will be displayed to the public for a period of approximately 6 months.

The design of this Temporary Pavilion shall be simple, cost-effective and easily-buildable. The ceiling budget for the “design and construction” works of the Temporary Pavilion project shall be HK $5 million, comprising HK $4.5 million for construction cost and HK $0.5 million for all other expenses relating to the delivery of the project.

Assessment Procedure & Criterion

There will be a two-stage competition process. Participants will first submit a concept design for judging by a panel of local and international experts, after which three designs will be shortlisted for further development. The shortlisted proposals will then be judged and one selected design will be taken forward to completion if the Authority considers appropriate. The winning entry will take on the role of Designer Advisor with to maintain the design intent throughout the course of realising the winning design from concept to completion, with the support of the Authority.

Prizes and Results

Three shortlisted entries will be selected from which one winning entry will be selected. The winning entry will be appointed as Design Advisor to implement the winning design concept through construction stages to completion of the temporary pavilion. The winning entry will be developed to detail design with the support of WKCDA. The prizes of the winning and commendation entries are:

Winning Entry

HK $250,000 Cash cheque and 1st Prize Certificate

Commendation Entries

HK $100,000 Cash cheque and Prize Certificate of Commendation for each of the other 2 shortlisted participants