M+ Rover 2016–17: Travelling Creative Studio

M+ Rover: Travelling Creative Studio is the first major free school outreach programme organised by M+ since 2016. The 8 metre-long customised trailer is a pop-up creative studio that tours to secondary schools and community spaces during the academic year, from February to June 2017. Schools receive an original M+ teaching pack, which expands upon the creative spirit of M+ Rover. 

M+ Rover is like a space expedition to an unknown planet, taking students into uncharted creative territory. The programme emphasises participatory art practice; students and artists collaborate. This experience of contemporary visual culture encourages interpersonal interactions, dialogue, and exploration of the possibilities of the creative process.

M+ Rover features an exhibition that evolves as it travels from school to school; students contribute to the ever-changing and evolving show. The exhibition is open to all students on the activity day; participating students can also visit community spaces with M+ Rover and initiate a dialogue with the public. 

Each year, M+ commissions cultural practitioners—artists, architects, designers, photographers, and filmmakers—to participate in the programme. In 2017, we are collaborating with local illustrator and comic writer Rainbow Leung. For more information about M+ Rover 2015–16, please click here.

Since 2012, the M+ Learning and Interpretation team has devised a number of educational initiatives for the Mobile M+ exhibition series that targeted teachers, students, teenagers, families, and those with special needs. This year, the team launched two programmes—M+ Summer Camp 2016 and M+ Rover 2015–16. For information on previous programmes and learning materials, please click here.

Applications for M+ Rover 2017-18 open in September 2017. A teachers’ briefing session will be held on 29 September 2017 for secondary school teachers interested in learning more about the programme. As places are limited, please register in advance. Find out more here.


Programme Details

February to June 2017

Target Participants:
Secondary students

Participating secondary schools and various communities in Hong Kong

Cantonese or English

Free of charge

Resource Pack:
M+ provides a resource pack introducing the participating artist and his or her work to secondary school teachers to prepare students before the M+ Rover visit. After the visit, this pack can help initiate discussions and related activities, serving to enhance the student experience. This resource pack collection is enriched as M+ Rover commissions different artists each year. Teachers at non-participating schools may use the pack for research and lesson planning.


Email: rover@mplus.org.hk
Fax: 3755 0105
Enquiries: 2200 0041

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