You know how it is when you have pesky neighbours who always complain that your music is just too loud. Help us out by bringing your own set of headphones and enter Club 0db where you and the DJ can become one. Go as loud as you want and dance without a care in the world. We promise a heady experience. Just don’t complain if your eardrums explode with aural pleasure! Here we have the most eclectic selection here: from bass to footwork to drum n bass to funk, no top-40 nonsense though.

What to bring:

  • Your smartphone with our festival mobile app installed (Download)
  • A set of headphones

Participating DJs:

23 Nov: Saiyan, Mr. Sit

How to join Club 0db:

  1. Download 'Freespace Fest mobile app'.
  2. Connect to Wi-fi network 'Club_0db' on the day.
  3. Open the APP then Go to 'Club 0db' page.
  4. Choose your favourite channel.


Curated by DJ Shelf-Index.
Supported by HKT, Cisco and Dimension Data.