At this year’s Freespace Fest, we will be bringing collective games that both adults and children can enjoy. Experience the creativity and fun brought by the arts, and immerse yourself in the playful spirit of the festival.


Back To Play

22 Nov (Sat) 11:30am-6:30pm, The Lawn
23 Nov (Sun) 11:30am-6:30pm, The Lawn

Forget about real life and start acting like a child. Remember your favourite childhood games like blind man’s buff? ‘Back To Play’ offers that same innocent joy and fun, even for jaded grownups! ‘Back To Play’ is curated by Community Art Network (CAN) who is determined to transport you back to your childhood. So forget all that high-tech gaming, bring grandma and the kids and enjoy three-generation Chinese jump rope, play hide-and-seek on our lawn, or try making your own toys and share the joy with others.  


Tangle by Polyglot Theatre

22 Nov (Sat) 12noon-5:20pm, Open Deck
23 Nov (Sun) 12noon-5:20pm, Open Deck

Ok, parents own up! Who wants to see their kids all tied up having the time of their lives while you just kick back and relax? Then ‘Tangle’ is your answer – where your kids are given a ball of colourful elastic bands to start weaving a giant interactive maze. While we don’t offer conventional nursery services, we guarantee full attention from your kids as they become mini installation artists and are encouraged to have fun – through crawling, dancing or lying on top of the bouncy maze that they make accompanied by some live music!

Who should attend?
Suitable for 4 to 12 years-old and no, adults are not allowed even if you do dress like a tween!
Those with under 3 year-old can take your little ones into ‘Baby Tangle’ and get all tangled up together.

About Polyglot Theatre
Polyglot Theatre is Australia’s leading creator of experiential, interactive and installation theatre for children and families. For over 30 years, Polyglot has ignited children’s imaginations from tiny Australian country towns to the world’s leading arts centres including Lincoln Centre New York, National Theatres of London and Korea and major festivals around the world.

‘Tangle’ is suitable for people of a wide range of different abilities – it is difficult for wheelchair access within the maze, but they could interact at the edge of the maze with helpers.


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Giant Seagull ALERT!

Get ready for some surprises as giant puppets from Australia will steal your hat, bag or even your picnic lunch! But hey you are at the waterfront so what do you expect?


Freespace Challenge Game – a fun way to get familiar with Freespace Fest

From now to 20 Nov, test your reflexes and run down to the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade through our online game Freespace Challenge and compete with your friends to win a prize!

There will also be a game booth available during Freespace Fest. Don't miss out!


M.U.R.S. – an interactive outdoor smart show

22 Nov (Sat) 8pm-9:30pm, Container Zone
23 Nov (Sun) 8pm-9:30pm, Container Zone

Experience an immersive, interactive smart show – an intimate show you share with 1000 other people!  Step inside a mysterious walled city at the waterfront promenade and you will be transported to an alternate yet exciting reality where a smartphone app will guide your every step.

So are you prepared for a digital/live journey? Get your tickets now to secure a key to the world of M.U.R.S.!

For aged 12 or above. Separate tickets for M.U.R.S. are required, which include free entry to Freespace Fest on the same day.

More details about M.U.R.S.