Private Dances

Original concept: Nat Cursio Co.
Curation / Creative direction: Nat Cursio and Anna Cheng
Producer: Anna Cheng
Lighting & set design: Wong Chi-yung
Production: Mac Chan

Equipment Sponsor: Ogawa


Cantopop NOON-D & Endless Sound Declaration


Club 0db

What to bring

  • Your smartphone with our festival mobile app installed (Download)
  • A set of headphones

Curated by Domting Shelf-Index


s.l.o.a.p. (Space Left Over After Planning)

  • Physically fit, and free from heart, back, or neck problems. Expectant mothers should not join
  • Above 8 years old (but it wouldn't be good if they were all 8 years old - so a variety of ages would be good)
  • Wear comfy shoes