Private Dances

22 Nov (Sat)
Dance films: 11-12:30pm; Live dance* and Dance films: 2pm-4pm; 6pm-8pm, Dance Camp
23 Nov (Sun)
Dance films: 11-12:30pm; Live dance* and Dance films:  2pm-4pm; 6pm-8pm, Dance Camp
*8 performance sessions daily for Live dance, each lasts for 30 minutes

'Private Dances’ is all about intimate encounters with dance - in camping tents! Transforming the outdoor grassland into an adventurous and magical camp-ground, you are invited to work your way through a selection of immersive and exquisite live performances and experimental dance films inside the tents. Get up-close and experience this intimate adventure through which you and the artists can connect and share a moment of dance. Contemporary dance, Hip Hop, Chinese folk dance, Indian never know what you will find. Squeeze in and enjoy!

Original concept: Nat Cursio Co.
Curation / Creative direction: Nat Cursio and Anna Cheng
Producer: Anna Cheng
Lighting & set design: Wong Chi-yung
Production: Mac Chan

Live dance artists from Hong Kong: Mui Cheuk-yin, Abby Chan, Justyne Li, Tan-ki Wong, Chun-ho Ivanhoe Lam, Yang Hao, Felix Chen Lei, Kukli Wong, Nana Zhao, Arthur Mak, ChanRain@ASTR, Yip@ASTR, Winds Fung, Oxana Banshikova

Dance films and artists from Australia: The Palindromist by Kristy Ayre + Nick Roux, This is SUPER UGLY! (But you might want it) by Alice Dixon + Caroline Meaden, The Visit by Alice Dixon + Caroline Meaden, Desire Lines by Simon Ellis, Liberty In The Dark by Sam Fox, Beastliness by Deborah Kelly, Shadow in Blue by Zoe Scoglio

Live Dance Performance Schedule

2pm to 4pm daily (Registration starts from 1pm) :
Chun-ho Ivanhoe Lam (Contemporary Dance), Yang Hao (Contemporary Dance), Nana Zhao (Korean Dance), Arthur Mak (Mongolian Dance), Winds Fung (Breaking), Oxana Banshikova (Indian Dance)

6pm to 8pm daily (Registration starts from 5pm):
Mui Cheuk-yin (Contemporary Dance), Abby Chan (Contemporary Dance, Justyne Li + Tan-ki Wong (Contemporary Dance), Felix Chen Lei (Contemporary Chinese Dance - Dunhuang Dance), Kukli Wong (Peacock Dance), ChanRain@ASTR + Yip@ASTR (Hip Hop)

More about Private Dances: 'Private Dances' was first conceived for Melbourne’s Next Wave Festival in 2010 and received great critical reviews. It won the Green Room Dance Award for Concept and Realization and was also voted as Best New Work by Jordan Vincent in Dance Australia’s Critic’s Survey 2010. The live performances and the films are created by dance artists of varying styles and perspectives, and the format allows a social and conversational space for discussion and reflection. Each visitor to 'Private Dances' will experience their own ‘degustation’ of dance. With the Hong Kong Edition at Freespace Fest, we will present multiple dance sessions throughout the day with live performances by Hong Kong based artists and films by Australian artists. Curated by Nat Cursio and Anna Cheng, the project presents artists at different stages of their career, from those just beginning to assert their identity such as Chun-ho Ivanhoe Lam and Yang Hao, right through to established and influential artists such as the sophisticated and highly regarded Mui Cheuk-yin.

Places are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
'Meet the Artists' will be held after the 4th and the 8th session daily.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Equipment Sponsor: Ogawa


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Cantopop NOON-D & Endless Sound Declaration

22 Nov (Sat) 12:50pm-2:50pm, Container Zone
23 Nov (Sun) 1pm-3pm, Container Zone

If you missed our fabulous ‘Take a Swing’ dance party in Yau Ma Tei in July our popular Cantopop Disco is back featuring Hong Kong’s very best 60s-90s Cantonese dance tracks and a promise to send pure dance vibes down your spine. If you were too young to witness your aunty Lucy get down to these classic tunes back in the 70s, get yourself a pair of flared jeans and boogie down on the Waterfront Promenade!

Fancy some English tunes as well? Why don't you check out our Endless Sound Declaration set? Revisiting the glory days of local music scene, when high quality Chinese bangers meets the English classics that inspired them!

Participating DJs:(22 Nov) Cantonese Disco Special Noon-D Popup: Shelf-Index, Yuen Chi Chung, 9ulder 
(23 Nov) Endless Sound Declaration: TOTO de hero, Elphonso Lam, Stef:funn

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index


Club 0db

22 Nov (Sat) 12:50pm-2:50pm; 10pm-12mn, Container Zone
23 Nov (Sun) 1pm-3pm; 4:30pm-6:30pm, Container Zone

You know how it is when you have pesky neighbours who always complain that your music is just too loud. Help us out by bringing your own set of headphones and enter Club 0db where you and the DJ can become one. Go as loud as you want and dance without a care in the world. We promise a heady experience. Just don’t complain if your eardrums explode with aural pleasure!

What to bring

  • Your smartphone with our festival mobile app installed (Download)
  • A set of headphones

Curated by Domting Shelf-Index


s.l.o.a.p. (Space Left Over After Planning)

22 Nov (Sat) 12:30pm-12:50pm; 2:30pm-2:50pm; 4:50pm-5:10pm, Arena
23 Nov (Sun) 2:30pm-2:50pm; 4:30pm-4:50pm, Arena

Branch Nebula from Sydney, Australia brings s.l.o.a.p. (Space Left Over After Planning), their latest international production to Hong Kong. In collaboration with local street-style artists: parkourists, trickers, dancers, a trial motorcyclist, and a sound artist, they construct a massive playground of steel shipping containers, concrete blocks, and wooden boxes. s.l.o.a.p. is a visual spectacle in which tightly choreographed, fast paced action places the human body at the limits of survival. The performers hunt for challenges in the built environment, finding them in the most surprising ways, jumping gaps with cat-like agility, and landing with absolute precision. In the midst of the swirling bodies is you – the audience, playing a role as a ‘human obstacle’. If you have the guts to be positioned in the middle of the action then come and volunteer to be in s.l.o.a.p.. They say “Everyday you should do something that scares you”, and we need audience members to be in each performance. So bring your courage and be in the show, and bring all your friends to watch!

How to be a sloaper
We will recruit 30 participants for each session at the Arena 30 minutes before show starts.As a sloaper, you need to be:

  • Physically fit, and free from heart, back, or neck problems. Expectant mothers should not join
  • Above 8 years old (but it wouldn't be good if they were all 8 years old - so a variety of ages would be good)
  • Wear comfy shoes

About Branch Nebula
Founded by Lee Wilson and Mirabelle Wouters, Australian company Branch Nebula works across disciplines in performance, dance and design to challenge mainstream cultural conventions. Branch Nebula works with non-conventional performers and street-style artists to create professional opportunities and new visions for engaging with street-styles and choreography. Their works, which include the Helpmann nominated “Concrete And Bone Sessions” and the Green Room award winning “Whelping Box”, have been toured to many festivals around the world.