Freedom Writers!

Come and join us as we celebrate the wonder of the written and spoken word with leading poets, authors and theatre directors. Featuring Poetry Concert, Dramatised Reading Club, Playful Cantonese Poetry and Literary Ambush, this is your opportunity to explore the possibilities of literature and meet literary-minded people.

Curated by Liu Wai Tong@The House of Hong Kong Literature


Poetry Concert

22 Nov (Sat) 7:30pm-9:30pm, Open Deck
23 Nov (Sun) 7:30pm-9:30pm, Open Deck

Take the page to the stage and explore poetry live in performance across text, sound and music. This promises to be an awesome poetry concert by some exciting Chinese poets who are not scared of raging against the mainstream.

The line up includes Taiwanese poet and singer-songwriter Lo Sirong, Chinese poet and action artist Che Qianzi, Chinese sound artist and poet Yan Jun. They will also collaborate with Hong Kong artists Wilson Tsang, Yuen Kin-leung Maru and poet Cao Shuying in a live jam session.

Participating artists:
22 Nov
7:30pm: Che Qianzi, poet and action artist (China)
8:00pm: Lo Sirong, poet and singer-songwriter (Taiwan)
9:00pm: Wilson Tsang (HK)

23 Nov
7:30pm: Che Qianzi (China) and Yuen Kin-leung Maru
8:00pm: Yan Jun, poet and sound artist (China)
9:00pm: Cao Shuying, poet (HK) and Wilson Tsang (HK)


Dramatised Reading Club

22 Nov (Sat) 12:00pm-1:30pm, Behind Covered Deck
23 Nov (Sun) 12:00pm-1:30pm, Behind Covered Deck

This is no ordinary reading club, at the Dramatised Reading Club Hong Kong theatre directors Chan Ping-chiu and Augustine Mok Chiu-yu will share their favourite readings in their own unique way. Join them and be inspired by the written and spoken word while enjoying the soft sea breeze beside stunning Victoria Harbour.

22 Nov
Chan Ping-chiu : Postcolonial Affairs of Food and the Heart by  Leung Ping Kwan

23 Nov
Augustine Mok Chiu-yu : Da zhi wei jing : Wu Zhongxian wen ji / Wu Zhongxian

Playful Cantonese Poetry

Poetry Out Loud22 Nov (Sat) 2pm-4:30pm, Behind Covered Deck

No more sitting in a corner alone and reading poetry, it’s Freespace Fest and we say poems need to be read loud and proud! Here we offer you the privilege to meet some of Hong Kong’s most respected poets in what will be much more than just a quiet book-signing event. Instead you’ll hear your favourite poems read live accompanied by Mininoise. This year’s top-notch line-up includes Lau Yee-ching, Yau Ching, Zung Gwok Goeng and Yuen Che Hung (and if you want you can also pick up copies of their books and get them signed too).

Participating Artists:

(Poets) Yau Ching (2pm), Zung Gwok Goeng (2:30pm), Yuen Che Hung (3pm),  Lau Yee-ching (3:30pm), Chan Chi-tak (4pm)
(Musician) mininoise (2pm - 4pm)


Poetic Babble23 Nov (Sun) 2pm-4:30pm, Behind Covered Deck

Good poetry doesn’t have to be polished and perfect. Sometimes a child’s natural curiosity about the world will produce even better work! Enjoy a fun and playful afternoon of children’s poetry written and performed by kids, guarantees to bring a smile on your face and help you see the world afresh through a child’s eyes.

Participating Artists:
(Musician) Billy Hung
(Tutor) Yuen Che Hung

Calling for writers! Do you love to write? Click here to learn more about our creative writing workshop and get a chance to perform at Freespace Fest this year!


Literary Ambush

22 Nov (Sat) 2pm-7pm, Roving
23 Nov (Sun) 2pm-7pm, Roving

Change your perception of words and refresh your creativity in a fun way! Stay alert and beware of our Literary Ambush which guarantees to bring you lots of joy with different literary games designed by young litterateurs from Fleurs des Lettres.


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Farmers' Market and Bazaar

Don't forget to visit our Farmers’ Market which will be showcasing a range of fresh local produce and also take a wander around the Bazaar and check out the handicrafts and artworks. There is even a sharing session where the artists and designers will share with you how they create their works.


M.U.R.S. – an interactive outdoor smart show

22 Nov (Sat) 8pm-9:30pm, Container Zone
23 Nov (Sun) 8pm-9:30pm, Container Zone

Experience an immersive, interactive smart show – an intimate show you share with 1000 other people!  Step inside a mysterious walled city at the waterfront promenade and you will be transported to an alternate yet exciting reality where a smartphone app will guide your every step.

So are you prepared for a digital/live journey? Get your tickets now to secure a key to the world of M.U.R.S.!

For aged 12 or above. Separate tickets for M.U.R.S. are required, which include free entry to Freespace Fest on the same day.

More details about M.U.R.S.