Don’t forget to visit our Farmers’ Market which will be showcasing a range of fresh local produce and also take a wander around the Bazaar and check out the handicrafts and artworks. There is even a sharing session where the artists and designers will share with you how they create their works.


Farmers’ Market

Sick of processed food but not sure what other options you have? Here’s your chance to make a change. The Freespace Fest Farmers’ Market showcasing fresh local produce will be the perfect place for you to make a start on eating healthily, and to reconsider the food choices you make. You will also help revive the local agriculture in Hong Kong. Come and meet local farmers and get fresh, flavourful homegrown produce. You can even get some tips on how to grow them yourself as local farmers share their stories behind!

Organised by Kong Yeah



Truly Organic

Advocates the use of chemical-free fertilizer for ecological farming and promotes the idea of sustainability through public education.

Features: honey, beehive


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Grains, Flowers, Birds and Long Valley Eco Paddy

Aspires to protect the environmental resources by advocating conservation policies, monitoring the work of the government, promoting environmental education and supporting community participation.

Features: ecological rice from Long Valley


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Pioneer Farm

An ecological farm located in Pat Heung, featuring the organic taste of natural handmade farm produce.

Features: dried orange daylily, dried roselle, dried veggies, dried radish


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Green Shop

Dedicates to developing community orientated agricultural marketing and processing to the mutual benefits of consumers and the producers.

Features: Traditional handmade candy, handmade noodles, roselle jam


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Tin Shui Wai Organic

A community co-founded by the neighborhood in Tin Shui Wai with a mission of leveraging the talent and experience of local community members.

Features: dried herbs, garlic vinegar, herbal tea


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Yuet Wo Sauce Factory

Founded by the Pang’s family from Foshan of the Guangdong Province, Yuet Wo is the only sauce factory in Hong Kong equipped with a distillation plant, producing alcohol, vinegar, soy sauce and condiments.

Features: naturally brewed soy sauce, non-GMO rice wine, rice vinegar


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Kong Yeah

A small local stall selling a range of local products from processed foods to daily essentials.

Features: jam, noodle sauce, daily essentials


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Lively Life

Commits to facilitating the economic support to local produces with a community-friendly approach.

Features: local indie fashion brands, soap, detergent


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Go Beyond the Mall

Formed by volunteers, searches for meaningful Christmas presents with local characteristics throughout Hong Kong.

Features:  “Save your own earth (environment)”, “Save traditions by yourself (Traditions)”, “Make your own product (DIY)”


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Green Women

A cooperation formed by grassroots women; producing environmental-friendly products by recycling cooking oil.

Features: environmentally friendly soap and detergent


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Run 2 Tree Studio x HK soap

Promotes the appreciation of nature through the arts; and encourages the public to explore the nature using their five senses; and introduces creative works in different places.

Features: free water wheel, leftover activity


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Saturn Wood

Provides tailor-made wood workshops and customised wood products. The wooden drum making is the feature of the workshop

Features: cajon, decoration made by recycled pallet


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Tung Chung Homemade

Advocates the revival of local homemade to allow people to develop their techniques and build up a people-oriented socio-economic business model

Features: traditional cakes, fabric commodities, accessories


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Sloth soap

Promotes natural soap, skincare products for dermatitis and locally grown herbal products

Features: handmade natural soap and skincare products


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Workshop and Sharing

22-Nov (Sat)

Time Topic by
1:30-2:00 Sharing: Hong Kong ten years after the revival of local production (If it happens today) Pong Yat Ming,
Kong Yeah
2:15-2:45 Sharing: Travel with “CareLender”: Paddy and ____ Grains, Flowers, Birds and Long Valley Eco Paddy
3:00-3:45 Sharing: Hong Kong Potato Hong Kong Potato
4:00-6:00 Wood Recycling Workshop: Little Animal
Cutting, polishing and colouring: Design your own little wooden animal. You may create one wooden animal within 10cm x 10cm.
Saturn Wood

23-Nov (Sun)

Time Topic by
12:30-1:15 Local Jam Workshop Mak Ho Ying, Kong Yeah
1:30-2:00 Sharing: Is organic vegetable more environmentally friendly? Understand the development of local farming and food production. Truly Organic
2:15-2:45 Sharing: Manufacturing process of soy sauce Yuet Wo Sauce Factory

Children's puppet theatre “I am a Good Potato”
Based on a local farming story to encourage families to concern and consider the possibility of rural-urban symbiosis. The theater draws children’s attention with live music, singing shadow puppets, etc.

Little Smudges Theatre
4:00-6:00 Wood recycling workshop: Little animal
Cutting, polishing and colouring: Design your own little wooden animal. You may create one wooden animal within 10cm x 10cm.
Saturn Wood




Come and check out our selected arts and crafts at the Bazaar showcasing some of the best handmade works by local artists and designers. As well as shopping you can also find out how the designers create their works or learn about their ideas. Who knows, you may get inspired and create your own homemade masterpiece!

Curated by Community Art Network (CAN) who is dedicate to serve the community through promoting enjoyment and creation of arts, Bazaar is a hustling and bustling place specially tailored for Freespace Fest goers. You will have chance to interact with participating artists and designers directly. Some of the works presented in the Bazaar are linked to 'Back to Play', which is also curated by CAN, where you can focus on the authentic human interaction through traditional games.

Showcase your creation and creative minds at our Bazaar!We are calling for emerging artists and designers to show their creativity at the Freespace Fest Bazaar. Click here for more details.


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Eat and Drink


Feeling hungry? Fancy a picnic on our lovely lawn? Grab a bite or a drink at our food stalls which will be offering an array of dishes that will tantalise your taste buds.

Bring your own utensils

You can help make Freespace Fest a green festival in Hong Kong by bringing your own utensils. While we are working with our green partner to reduce our environmental impacts, our efforts are largely dependent on you. All Food & Beverage booths would have a small charge HK$3 for each set of container and utensil. Here are some tips:

  • Bring your own mugs, containers and utensils
  • Minimise the amount of packaging you bring and leave behind
  • Dispose of your recycling and trash at designated collection points on site