Join us and discover new music or see familiar names in a new light. This year we hope to break down boundaries between music genres and invite artists and musicians to step out of their comfort zones. Curated by William Lane@HKNME, Mike Orange and DJ Shelf-Index, prepare to be inspired by each curator's meshing of different cultures and ideas, and experience something new and different.

Music Mash-up

When it comes to musical tastes, you may be very specific about what you like and dislike, yet you may still enjoy music that doesn't fit into a neat label. This year Mike Orange brings together a diverse array of musicians to challenge traditional genre distinction, whether it be beatboxing along to a classical trio or mixing reggae with Chinese Erhu, we dare you to step out of your comfort zone and explore this music mash-up where no boundaries remain sacred. The danger is not that your ears will be sullied but you might actually like it!

Curated by Mike Orange

Ellen Joyce Loo

23 Nov (Sun) 5:10pm - 5:40pm, Music Stage


Popular singer songwriter Ellen Loo will grace the stage with a rare solo and acoustic performance. In a special showcase, Ellen will perform different acoustic play styles with an focus on the integration of percussive rhythms and effects.

Supper Moment Goes Instrumental

23 Nov (Sun) 3:00pm - 3:30pm, Music Stage


This will be a biggest challenge for all you Supper Moment fans: Do you genuinely like their music even with its lyrics stripped away? We'll find out as this Hong Kong pop rock band goes instrumental at Freespace Fest this year.


Supper Moment

Artistrings (String trio) x Heartgrey (Beatbox)

22 Nov (Sat) 4:20pm - 4:50pm, Music Stage


A beatboxing string trio? We've got that. Hong Kong's newest, freshest premier all-female string trio Artistrings meets beatboxer Heartgrey to deliver a high-energy classical-pop fusion experience featuring some of the greatest classical music as well as famous funk electronic covers.

Sensi Lion (Reggae) x Hak Gwai (Ethic Instruments)

23 Nov (Sun) 12:00pm - 12:30pm, Music Stage


There are many instruments used in reggae music, but this one is definitely beyond anyone's imagination. Get ready to be blown away as Hak Gwai from the Hong Kong indie band Chockma performs with Sensi Lion, Hong Kong's very own and probably the only Canto-reggae band in town. If you are a big-time reggae fan, this is a must-do for your Freespace itinerary.

SoHuman! (Beatbox and dance duo)

22 Nov (Sat) 2:50pm - 3:20pm, Music Stage


SoHuman!, the Hong Kong beatbox and dance duo who recently appeared in the movie 'The Way We Dance' will be bringing the energy and excitement of street dance to the stage.

Bass Trio

23 Nov (Sun) 3:40pm - 4:10pm, Container Zone


For the most part the bass guitar is not a solo instrument, but players like Waiting Soul, Wai and Tom Wong have carved a niche for themselves in that regard. As an ensemble, they produce a broad, spacious sound that is much larger than anyone would image a trio of electric bass guitars could create.


Participating artists: Waiting Soul from Chochukmo, Wai from Sensi Lion, Tom Wong from Tri-deuces


Tjoe Jazz Quartet

22 Nov (Sat) 6:30pm-7:00pm, Music Stage


What would Freespace be without jazz? This year the Tjoe jazz quartet will take to the festival stage with their personal brand of jazz music. Led by local jazz composer/arranger Tjoe, who recently released his debut album Flow. The record runs the gamut from laid-back grooves to meditative jazz jams so don't miss their live performance at Freespace Fest!


Cantopop NOON-D & Endless Sound Declaration

22 Nov (Sat) 12:50pm-2:30pm, Container Zone
23 Nov (Sun) 1pm-3pm, Container Zone

If you missed our fabulous 『Take a Swing' dance party in Yau Ma Tei in July our popular Cantopop Disco is back featuring Hong Kong's very best 60s-90s Cantonese dance tracks and a promise to send pure dance vibes down your spine. If you were too young to witness your aunty Lucy get down to these classic tunes back in the 70s, get yourself a pair of flared jeans and boogie down on the Waterfront Promenade!

Fancy some English tunes as well? Why not check out our Endless Sound Declaration set? Revisiting the glory days of the local music scene, when high quality Chinese bangers meets the English classics that inspired them!

Participating DJs:

(22 Nov) Cantonese Disco Special Noon-D Popup: Shelf-Index, Yuen Chi Chung, 9ulder
(23 Nov) Endless Sound Declaration: TOTO de hero, Elphonso Lam, Stef:funn

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index


24 Hour Pop Song

22 Nov (Sat) 2pm - 23 Nov (Sun) 2pm, Near Arena

How many times can you listen to the same song over and over again? 24 Hour Pop Song is something for insomniacs and pop-consumerates. We dare you to listen to our very own Hong Kong mega star's top hit 『People Come, People Go' composed by Keith Chan Fai-Young with lyrics written by Albert Leung (aka Lin Xi) over and over again for 24 hours. Yes, that's right: one song for 24 hours. But don't worry, each version will be unique as our musicians distort, reinterpret and experiment with the tune based on ideas from the public. A free jazz exploration, or maybe a thrash metal deconstruction – we want your ideas.

Send us your version of 『People Come, People Go'

Send in a sound sample, idea or a written piece of the song to by 7 November 2014. Your piece or idea may be interpreted by the musicians involved in the performance in Freespace Fest.

Disclaimer: HKNME retains its discretion to select the musical programme based on all final submissions
Curated by William Lane@HKNME


Club 0db

22 Nov (Sat) 12:50pm-2:50pm; 10pm-12am, Container Zone
23 Nov (Sun) 1pm-3pm; 4:30pm-5:30pm, Container Zone

You know how it is when you have pesky neighbours who always complain that your music is just too loud. Help us out by bringing your own set of headphones and enter Club 0db where you and the DJ can become one. Go as loud as you want and dance without a care in the world. We promise a heady experience. Just don't complain if your eardrums explode with aural pleasure! We have the most eclectic selection here: from bass to footwork to drum n bass to funk, no top-40 nonsense though.

More details about Club 0db

What to bring:

  • Your smartphone with our festival mobile app installed (Download)
  • A set of headphones

Participating DJs:

(23 Nov) Saiyan, Mr. Sit

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index


'Parade for 111 Cyclists', Mauricio Kagel, Eine Brise ('A Breeze')

23 Nov (Sun) 1:50pm-2:20pm

If you think musicians are all couch potatoes or music should only be performed in a stuffy concert hall, think again! Argentine avant-garde composer Maurico Kagel's outdoor piece 『Eine Brise' combines music and cycling and will definitely change your mind. In fact, with 111 cyclists parading along the Waterfront Promenade and creating a medley of whistling, singing, bells ringing, flutter-tonguing and vocal gusts of wind, this bicycle music parade will definitely be an eccentric addition to Freespace Fest.

Register as cyclist
Interested in becoming one of the cyclists and taking part? You can register on New Music Ensemble website until 15 November 2014.

Curated by William Lane@HKNME



22 Nov (Sat) 3:30pm-4:10pm, Music Stage

Local hip-hop pioneer MC Yan teams up with veteran electronic musician Alok for a reinterpretation/remixing of his album Judge by Self, released in August this year. Blending genres from hip-hop, reggae to jazz and tackling Hong Kong's social issues through the lyrics, the album represents Yan's personal observations and thoughts. Inspired by its sonic and lyrical scope, local sound artist Alok will re-interpret the album with his signature sonic craft and sound bite collected from around the city and integrate them into the thematic structure of the album; culminating in a experimental sound art performance at Freespace Fest.

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index


Howie Lee Hong Kong Sampler

23 Nov (Sun) 9:30pm-10pm, Container Zone

It's not often that you'd expect to find bass-heavy sounds sitting together with Chinese melodies and instrumentation, if there is one DJ who's doing exactly that, then look no further than Howie Lee. Fusing together his Chinese heritage and British training, the Beijing-based DJ has recently released a new series called 'Eastside Sampler', with tunes built around a collection of rhythms from East Asian records and sound samples collected from the region. Taking inspiration from Hong Kong, he'll be dropping a new beat at Freespace Fest this year. Watch out for Howie's upcoming 'Hong Kong Sampler', it's gonna be dope!

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index


DJ /rupture

DJ /rupture x Lee Kai Ho : Groove Obscurity22 Nov (Sat) 5:50pm-6:30pm, Container Zone

Mudd Up! with DJ /rupture live at Freespace Fest this year as he showoffs his signature blend of obscure grooves. Experience the power of obscure grooves from another side of the world when Rupture blends his collection of hard-to-find jams from all over the world, alongside video illustrations by local artist Lee Kai-ho, a rising stars of future Hong Kong cinema.

「You won't find another musician as agile and reckless as DJ /rupture.」 — Mary Ann Hobbes, BBC1

DJ /rupture x Chief Boima: Beyond Digital 852
23 Nov (Sun) 6:20pm-7:00pm, Container Zone

Bringing some of Morocco's off-line culture to the online world, DJ /rupture's collaborative project 『Beyond Digital' which began in 2011 will continue its journey to Hong Kong making meaningful encounters between artists of different media. Through a series of workshops with the Hong Kong residency, this multicultural enthusiast will present an evening of transnational sounds featuring Sierrra Leonean-American DJ Chief Boima and some of Hong Kong's best traditional musicians, breathing new air into our roots.

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index


Electronic and Instrumental Cross-over Project

Whether it be classical artists exploring other genres, or non-classical artists taking the plunge into classical, the resulting crossovers, stem from a desire to break down the boundaries that divide one form from another and create something new that combines the best of both.

Choi Sai Ho x Kenneth Tsang x Romer String Quartet22 Nov (Sat) 9:30pm-9:50pm, Music Stage

By mixing sounds and collaborating with local musicians Kenneth Tsang, as well as classical quartet the Romer String Quartet and audio-visual artists Choi Sai Ho will be giving a rare performance including pieces such as 'Violin Cityscape', 'Space Between Us', 'Map Dealers' and more.

Oliver Coates x Heidi Law: 21, Andy Akiho
22 Nov (Sat) 3:10pm-3:20pm, Container Zone; 9:50pm-10:10pm, Music Stage

Described as 「mold-breaking」 and 「vital」 by the New York Times, the prize-winner and steel pan virtuoso Andy Akiho is an eclectic and contemporary composer. His compelling duet for cello and steel pan, 』21,』 which also incorporates kick drum, tambourine and loop pedal will be performed in Hong Kong for the first time by Oliver Coates (cello) and Heidi Law (steel pan).

Curated by William Lane@HKNME


'Drumming Part One', Steve Reich / 'Clapping Music', Steve Reich

22 Nov (Sat) 11:30am-12:30pm, Container Zone

Steve Reich, Grammy Award-winning composer, has been described as one of 「a handful of living composers who can legitimately claim to have altered the direction of musical history」.

A pioneer in the field of minimalist music, Reich is known for his pulsing, driving compositions and Drumming is one of his most important works. Inspired by traditional music from Ghana it features four pairs of bongos played by four players to create a compelling rhythmic soundscape.

Clapping Music』 is another famous piece by Steve Reich which features two musicians clapping—as simple as that! Watch the video and pay special attention to the changing sequence, you'll find out how the song is structured and what makes clapping so thrilling!

Join us and discover first-hand what makes clapping tick!
Join us on the day and experience music in the most cost free way possible: no expensive musical instruments needed, just the most accessible musical gear of all—a pair of hands! Don't worry if you haven't had much musical training, your innate sense of rhythm will help you create this seminal piece.

Performed by HKNME Percussion Quartet
Curated by William Lane@HKNME


Game: 'Cobra', John Zorn

23 Nov (Sun) 1pm-1:30pm, Music Stage

John Zorn's classic 'Cobra' takes music to a new level by turning it into a game.

Using hand signals and cue cards to help direct the action the musicians improvise but follow an elaborate set of rules that create totally unique and unpredictable results. There is even the chance for you to take part by adding your own sounds to the performance. Sound confusing? It is, but in practice it's pretty mind-blowing.

Performed by a collective of local musicians and Freespace Fest artists, coordinated by Sascia Pellegrini and Craig Pepples
Curated by William Lane@HKNME


Suron Ka Sagar (The Ocean of Music)

23 Nov (Sun) 12:30pm-1:30pm, Container Zone

If you've never been to an Indian classical concert, then join us to discover the finest Indian classical music in Hong Kong led by Hong Kong-based vocalist Ghulam Siraj. It doesn't matter if you're new to traditional Indian culture, we believe that great music speaks to all. Come and be blown away by the enchanting melody and rhythm of Hindustani music. This Indian recipe will surely spice up your day!

Curated by William Lane@HKNME


'Black Angels', George Crumb

23 Nov (Sun) 5:50pm-6:20pm, Music Stage

Want something truly edgy? We guarantee you'll get a strong reaction from listening to American avant-garde composer George Crumb's 『Black Angels' which was influenced by the impact of the USA's war in Vietnam. With its explosive use of experimental sounds including shouting, chanting, whistling and whispering, this piece remains notable for its unconventional instrumentation which includes gongs, maracas and crystal glasses.

『Things were turned upside down. There were terrifying things in the air. They found their way into 'Black Angels'.』 — George Crumb

Performed by Romer String Quartet
Curated by William Lane@HKNME


Femme Electronique

23 Nov (Sun) 3:40pm-4:20pm, Container Zone

A lot of us are equipped with tablets. They are replacing our magazines, our notebooks, even our TVs. What about our musicial instruments? And all these musical apps your, are they just toys or do they open the door for more accessible ways of making music? Singer-songwriters Tang Yi, Wynne Lo of the 『Femme Genre' by the Renaissance Foundation, together with Jing Wong will re-imagine their works with the instrument that you might already have in hand.

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index