Music Mash-up

Curated by Mike Orange

Ellen Joyce Loo

23 Nov (Sun) 5:10pm - 5:40pm, Music Stage


Popular singer songwriter Ellen Loo will grace the stage with a rare solo and acoustic performance. In a special showcase, Ellen will perform different acoustic play styles with an focus on the integration of percussive rhythms and effects.

Supper Moment Goes Instrumental

23 Nov (Sun) 3:00pm - 3:30pm, Music Stage


This will be a biggest challenge for all you Supper Moment fans: Do you genuinely like their music even with its lyrics stripped away? We'll find out as this Hong Kong pop rock band goes instrumental at Freespace Fest this year.


Supper Moment

Artistrings (String trio) x Heartgrey (Beatbox)

22 Nov (Sat) 4:20pm - 4:50pm, Music Stage


A beatboxing string trio? We've got that. Hong Kong's newest, freshest premier all-female string trio Artistrings meets beatboxer Heartgrey to deliver a high-energy classical-pop fusion experience featuring some of the greatest classical music as well as famous funk electronic covers.

Sensi Lion (Reggae) x Hak Gwai (Ethic Instruments)

23 Nov (Sun) 12:00pm - 12:30pm, Music Stage


There are many instruments used in reggae music, but this one is definitely beyond anyone's imagination. Get ready to be blown away as Hak Gwai from the Hong Kong indie band Chockma performs with Sensi Lion, Hong Kong's very own and probably the only Canto-reggae band in town. If you are a big-time reggae fan, this is a must-do for your Freespace itinerary.

SoHuman! (Beatbox and dance duo)

22 Nov (Sat) 2:50pm - 3:20pm, Music Stage


SoHuman!, the Hong Kong beatbox and dance duo who recently appeared in the movie 'The Way We Dance' will be bringing the energy and excitement of street dance to the stage.

Bass Trio

23 Nov (Sun) 3:40pm - 4:10pm, Container Zone


For the most part the bass guitar is not a solo instrument, but players like Waiting Soul, Wai and Tom Wong have carved a niche for themselves in that regard. As an ensemble, they produce a broad, spacious sound that is much larger than anyone would image a trio of electric bass guitars could create.


Participating artists: Waiting Soul from Chochukmo, Wai from Sensi Lion, Tom Wong from Tri-deuces


Tjoe Jazz Quartet

22 Nov (Sat) 6:30pm-7:00pm, Music Stage


What would Freespace be without jazz? This year the Tjoe jazz quartet will take to the festival stage with their personal brand of jazz music. Led by local jazz composer/arranger Tjoe, who recently released his debut album Flow. The record runs the gamut from laid-back grooves to meditative jazz jams so don't miss their live performance at Freespace Fest!


Cantopop NOON-D & Endless Sound Declaration

Participating DJs:

(22 Nov) Cantonese Disco Special Noon-D Popup: Shelf-Index, Yuen Chi Chung, 9ulder
(23 Nov) Endless Sound Declaration: TOTO de hero, Elphonso Lam, Stef:funn

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index


24 Hour Pop Song


Club 0db

What to bring:

  • Your smartphone with our festival mobile app installed (Download)
  • A set of headphones

Participating DJs:

(23 Nov) Saiyan, Mr. Sit

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index


'Parade for 111 Cyclists', Mauricio Kagel, Eine Brise ('A Breeze')

Curated by William Lane@HKNME


Curated by DJ Shelf-Index


Howie Lee Hong Kong Sampler

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index


DJ /rupture


Electronic and Instrumental Cross-over Project


'Drumming Part One', Steve Reich / 'Clapping Music', Steve Reich


Game: 'Cobra', John Zorn


Suron Ka Sagar (The Ocean of Music)

Curated by William Lane@HKNME


'Black Angels', George Crumb


Femme Electronique

Curated by DJ Shelf-Index