'Parade for 111 Cyclists', Mauricio Kagel, Eine Brise ('A Breeze'):
Register as music cyclists

23 Nov (Sun) 1:50pm-2:20pm


24 Hour Pop Song:
Send us your ideas or piece


Poetic Babble:
Calling for Writers!

Places are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

More about Playful Cantonese Poetry: Poetic Babble


Showcase your creation at Bazaar

  1. Distinctiveness and uniqueness
  2. It can be a physical product or something intangible (maybe just an idea!)
  3. Your creation must be one and only (not copies or mass production.)
  4. Provide a talking point so that you can interact with the viewer


DJ /rupture x Chief Boima: Beyond Digital 852:
Register for a 4-day workshop to learn from DJs and a group performance on 23 Nov

  • Musicians with SERIOUS training/knowledge on traditional Chinese Instruments and/or
  • Musicians with knowledge on Chinese music notation and the ability to transform that into an instrument of choice
  • Availability from 18 Nov to 23 Nov is a must


  • 19 Nov (Wed) – 21 Nov (Fri), 11am – 4pm; and
  • 22 Nov (Sat), 10am – 3pm


'Clapping Music', Steve Reich:
Clap along and make music!


Giant Seagulls – Snuff Puppet’s Roaming Puppet Performance
Snuff Puppet Performance Workshop

M.U.R.S. - an interactive smart show
Public Seminar: Born from the streets: The theatre of La Fura dels Baus in the last 30 years

M.U.R.S. - an interactive smart show
Onsite Guided Tour: Technology and Performance