Freespace Fest is about YOU! Being a true Hong Kong festival we want to ensure the people of Hong Kong at the heart of it. Come along and play, sing, run, cycle, jump and even be jumped over. Find out how you can be part of the action!

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M.U.R.S. Music

Parade for 111 Cyclists:

Become one of our music cyclists for 'Parade for 111 Cyclists'

Tangle Literary Arts

Poetic Babble:

Call for Writers

Collective Games Music

DJ /rupture x Chief Boima: Beyond Digital 852:

Register for a 4-day workshop plus a chance for group performance

Club 0db Music

Clapping Music, Steve Reich:

Clap along and make music!

Giant Seagulls Roving

Giant Seagulls:

Snuff Puppet Performance Workshop

M.U.R.S. Seminar


Public Seminar: Born from the streets: The theatre of La Fura dels Baus in the last 30 years

On the day

Sloap-per wanted Physical Theatre


'sloaper' wanted!
Be a human obstacle for 's.l.o.a.p.'

M.U.R.S. M.U.R.S.

M.U.R.S. - an interactive smart show:

Immerse yourself in the city of M.U.R.S.

Tangle Collective Game


Bring your kids to create a gigantic art installation at 'Tangle'

Collective Games Collective Game

Back To Play:

Play traditional games with family and friends on our lawn

A Simple Space Physical Theatre

A Simple Space:

Throw colourful balls at our acrobats

Club 0db Music

Club 0db:

Bring your headphones (and smartphone) to join our silent party with live DJ music