What else is there to see besides the incredible line-up and stunning acts this year? Lots! Somewhere between the musicians, dancers and acrobats, you’ll find buskers, strolling entertainers and plenty of interactive surprises to steal your attention away!


Giant Seagulls – Snuff Puppet’s Roaming Puppet Performance

22 Nov (Sat) 1pm-5:30pm
23 Nov (Sun) 1pm-5:30pm

Giant seagull ALERT! Snuff Puppets, Australia’s legendary giant puppet theatre company will be unleashing their mischievous ‘Seagulls’ at Freespace Fest so you had better watch out! They may not be the cutest looking birds but they certainly like to get cuddly, even if you don’t want them to! In the mayhem you may lose your hat, bag or even your picnic lunch. But hey you are at the waterfront so what do you expect?

About Snuff Puppets
Snuff Puppets is Australia’s leading giant puppet experimental theatre company who combine puppetry, visual and physical theatre to create a unique and idiosyncratic performance language by calling on all that is taboo in our society, with a vulgar, irreverent and comic sensibility.



Are you one of those people who love to stop and admire street performers when they’re showcasing their offbeat talents on the sidewalks? If you are, then Freespace Fest is the place you need to be. Celebrating the art of the street, we bring buskers from across Hong Kong to perform their bizarre talents of all different kinds. Enjoy this vibrant experience as you stroll along the harbourfront, but hold onto your jaw, people tend to drop them a lot once they get a look at the talent of Hong Kong’s busking culture.


'Parade for 111 Cyclists', Mauricio Kagel, Eine Brise ('A Breeze')

23 Nov (Sun) 1:50pm-2:20pm

If you think musicians are all couch potatoes or music should only be performed in a stuffy concert hall, think again! Argentine avant-garde composer Maurico Kagel’s outdoor piece ‘Eine Brise’ combines music and cycling and will definitely change your mind. In fact, with 111 cyclists parading along the Waterfront Promenade and creating a medley of whistling, singing, bells ringing, flutter-tonguing and vocal gusts of wind, this bicycle music parade will definitely be an eccentric addition to Freespace Fest.

Register as cyclist
Interested in becoming one of the cyclists and taking part? You can register on New Music Ensemble website www.hknme.org until 15 November 2014.

Curated by William Lane

Literary Ambush

22 Nov (Sat) 1pm-6pm
23 Nov (Sun) 1pm-6pm

Change your perception of words and refresh your creativity in a fun way! Stay alert and beware of our Literary Ambush which guarantees to bring you lots of joy with different literary games designed by young litterateurs from Fleurs des Lettres.