SmartBike is a bike sharing programme designed to complement the future provision of cycle paths in the West Kowloon Cultural District, and to encourage visitors to use bicycles as a sustainable means of getting around the Art Park. SmartBike currently allows visitors to enjoy stunning views of Victoria Harbour. In future it will also allow easy access to cultural venues, cafes, restaurants and shops in the park and along the harbour front.


The SmartBike service is operated by TWGHs BiciLine Cycling Eco-Tourism Social Enterprise (BiciLine) and is a perfect way to have fun and keep fit with family and friends.

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Opening Days and Hours (with exceptions)

  • 2pm – 7pm (Tuesday to Friday)
  • 10am – 7pm (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)

Last ride departs no later than 6pm
Close on Monday (except Public Holiday)

  • The SmartBike service will be suspended immediately if Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above or an Amber, Red or Black Rainstorm Warning or Thunderstorm Warning is in force. The service will be resumed within two hours after the signal is cancelled. If the signal is cancelled less than 2 hours before the normal closing time, the service will remain closed.  

For enquiries or operation details, please contact BiciLine’s service hotline 61823481 or visit Facebook page.


Pricing (Payment with Octopus or Cash)

Smart Card: HK$50 (includes HK$10 non-refundable handling charge and a preload value of HK$40 for 2 hours usage)

Usage Fee: HK$20 per hour

  • The smart card preload value allows you to use the SmartBike for 2 hours. An additional fee of HK$20 per hour applies for each further hour (or part of an hour).

  • There is no refundable deposit on the smart card. The card can be retained and topped up using Octopus or cash at our service kiosk. If you would like to cancel your card, please return it to the kiosk for a refund on any remaining stored value. Once your stored value has been refunded, your card will be permanently de-activated.


Station Map

Click the map pointer(s) to check out the real-time availability of bikes and bike docks.  Click here to see the map full screen.


  1. Please visit our service kiosk to register and obtain a smart card.
  2. You will need to provide proof of identity to register.
  3. You can obtain a smart card using Octopus or cash.
  4. For your safety we advise you to wear a helmet. You may bring your own or rent one from our service kiosk for HK$15 per session.

Release a bike

  1. Hold your card against the card reader on any bike dock with an available bike.
  2. Once you see a green light and hear a short double “beep”, take your card, hold onto the handlebar with one hand and the seat with the other, and pull the bike firmly towards you to release the bike. You have 20 seconds to release the bike after the beep.
  3. Adjust the seat to a comfortable height and place your belongings in the front basket.
  4. Enjoy your ride! 

Return a bike

  1. Return the bike to any bike station.
  2. Push the front wheel of the bike firmly into an empty dock.
  3. When the wheel is correctly locked in place, a green light will show and you will hear a locking sound.
  4. Please keep your smart card for future use. You can reload it, or pay fees for excess hours, using Octopus or cash at our service kiosk.


  1. SmartBikes are for use in the park only.
  2. The minimum height for SmartBike users is 150cm.
  3. Children’s bikes of various sizes are also available for users under 150cm tall. Bikes with training wheels, suitable for children aged 3 to 5 years and/or under 90cm in height, are also available.
  4. Please be reminded that children should ride with adult supervision.
  5. Please refer to the detailed rental and service terms and conditions at our service kiosk.