This July, our scenography programme “What is Stage: Space as Poetry” opens with a public seminar introducing the work of German stage designer, costume designer and art educator Anna Viebrock. Led by theatre director and programme curator Edward Lam, the seminar explores the cultural significance of a selection of Viebrock’s works.

Since the 1990s, Anna Viebrock has reimagined the possibilities of set design for opera and theatre, transforming performance spaces in astonishing and lyrical ways. Working closely with acclaimed directors, such Jossi Wieler and long-term collaborator Christoph Marthaler, Viebrock has reinterpreted traditional concepts of stage, space and design with her distinct and innovative avant-garde aesthetic.

This September, Anna Viebrock also joins us at Freespace to lead a five-day artist workshop.

The seminar is free and open to theatre professionals and those with an interest in contemporary theatre.

Local and international audiences can also watch the seminar live-streamed on West Kowloon’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

1 July 2019 (Monday)


The Room, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District (Getting to Freespace)

Edward Lam (Artistic Director, Edward Lam Dance Theatre)


Free admission. Limited capacity on a first come, first served basis. Advance registration required.


Adverse Weather Arrangements:
If a black rainstorm warning, or a typhoon signal no. 8 or above is in force three hours before the start of the talk, the event will be cancelled.

Ms Siu (852) 2200 0804,

Edward Lam
Artistic Director, Edward Lam Dance Theatre

Artistic Director and Theatre Director of Edward Lam Dance Theatre, Lam founded Zuni Icosahedron with friends in the early 1980s, and established Edward Lam Dance Theatre during his residence in London (1989 to 1995). Since returning to Hong Kong in 1995, he has devoted himself to theatre and directed 58 original works. Lam was awarded Best Director at Modern Drama Valley’s One Drama Awards for his works Men and Women, War and Peace (2010), The Doppelgänger (2012), and What is Sex (2017), and was named Artist of the Year (Theatre) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2017. His musical theatre piece, Art School Musical (2014) has toured to over a dozen cities in Asia, and has its fourth rerun in Hong Kong at Freespace in October 2019.

Books of Lam’s collected essays include Waiting For Hong Kong, The Meaning Of Entertainment, Evil But Glamorous, My TV Dinner Years and Leading Ladies In The Mandarin Cinema. Who Is Afraid Of Edward Lam, Alexander Hsu’s analysis of Lam’s stage works from 2006 to 2015, was published by Performing Arts Review in Taiwan (2016).