Artistic Statement of Freespace

Freespace – Hong Kong’s new centre for contemporary performance – celebrates and showcases local and international creativity across all disciplines. We present multi-genre performances and events, produce boundary-pushing collaborations, and promote bold new ways of seeing and experiencing performance.


Freespace is a meeting point for an interconnected world. Partnering with local and international emerging and established artists and communities, we support exchange and partnerships, nurture creative voices of all colours, and promote works that challenge and redefine the role of performing arts for our age.


At Freespace we are committed to expanding artists and audiences beyond their comfort zones and creating an artistic ecosystem with robust links to the region and beyond. We provide space and support for artists to incubate new productions and generate new models for creative development. Through the arts, we foster empathy and connect diverse people, ideas and experiences.


Transcend the day-to-day. Gain new perspectives – Join us at Freespace.