Cantonese Opera : Two Heroic Families

Two Heroic Families, written by Poon Cheuk and staged by Ng Chin-feng and Nam Fung, vividly portrays marriage and sibling relationships and the complications of love. This show will surely bring you another enjoyable evening and an exciting finale to the 2014 West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre.

4–5 February 2014 (Tuesday–Wednesday)


Ng Chin-feng, Nam Fung, Liu Kwok-sum, YUEN Johnson, Ko Lai, Sun Kim-long

With Chinese and English subtitles

Ensemble Leaders
Ko Yun-kuen (Percussion), Ko Yun-hung

There is an internal strife in the State of Qi, where a feudal lord kills the king and usurps the throne. General Xia Yunlong and his sister Yunxiang take the Crown Prince with them and flee the country. Since Yunlong is betrothed to He Caifeng, second daughter of the Marshal of the State of Wei, Yunlong goes to them in the hope that he can have their military aid to reinstate the Prince. Caifeng agrees to help but her elder brother Feihu is reluctant. He only relents on seeing how beautiful Yunxiang is.

Months have passed and Feihu has not returned. Yunlong loses patience and presses his wife Caifeng to let him have the military token to deploy the troops. Yunxiang and others plot together to procure the key to the military depot so that Yunlong can deploy his army to fight the Qi. He leads his soldiers to victory. But Feihu is found guilty of deploying the troops without permission, and his father is also incriminated. To save their father, Feihu and Caifeng bring the case to the Marshal’s Court, in a contention against Yunlong and Yunxiang. Yunlong is forced to withdraw his troops. His mother, Lady Xia, commits suicide in a bid to urge her son to take his army all the way to the Qi capital and quell the rebellion. The Crown Prince of Qi is reinstated, and he makes a gift of cities to the State of Wei as compensation for the He family’s crime.

Ticket Price
$280, $200
Senior citizens, full-time students, people with disabilities and their accompanying minder, and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients are entitled to a 50% discount
Audience members aged 3 and above are welcome

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