The Xiqu Centre will be a world-class arts venue specifically built for xiqu (Chinese opera) performances, and it is also a centre for the production, education and research of this unique art form.

Located at the eastern edge of the West Kowloon Cultural District, at the junction of Canton Road and Austin Road, the Xiqu Centre will help preserve and reinvent Cantonese opera and other Chinese traditional theatre for Hong Kong and beyond. It will also showcase different xiqu styles to help nurture new artists and develop new audiences for this remarkable art form.

In anticipation of the Xiqu Centre’s opening, we currently run various activities inspired by this art form. Our iconic flagship festival West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre takes place every year, offering a mix of Chinese theatre performance, dance and music as an exciting glimpse of what is to come. The Xiqu Centre Seminar Series provides a platform for artists and academics to explore and share how xiqu can be developed regionally, and contribute to the artistic strategies for the centre.