Production Team

West Kowloon Cultural District Production Team

Chief Producer: Naomi Chung

Technical Director: Rae Wu

Assistant Producer: Peter Lee

Production Managers: Fanny Lo, Katrina Chan

Producer’s assistants: Novia Chong, Hazel Yau

Marketing and Promotion: Nick Chan, Vanessa Yu, Sherlock Lam, Ken Fung

Learning and Participation: Jessie Chung, Belle Chan, Joey Chong

Communications and Public Affairs: Miki Yung, Dora Chung

Website: Connie Chan, Rosanna Lee*

Editors: Cindy Chan, Loretta Tsang, Vikki Weston*

English Translators: Penelope Zhou*, Nathan Woolley*, Zhu Yayun*


* Contract-based engagement in this production