City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC)’s Artistic Director Designate Yuri Ng curates a free live-streaming event involving Hong Kong dance artists using a studio as a research and rehearsal venue. The creative process will be captured by IP camera and broadcast live on a social media platform, enabling members of the public to view the rehearsals online. In addition to gaining an insight into the making of contemporary dance, the audience members will be able to see how, by their very presence outside the studio, they can impact and influence the artists’ creations.

Watch the live broadcast here.

Artistic Team:
Curator: Yuri Ng
Group 1 Artists: Kong Wing-yeeKwok Tsz-ying
Group 2 Artists: Yuri Ng, Dominic Wong

Date and Time:
Group 1: 23–26 December 2020 (Wednesday–Saturday) 12:00nn–10:00pm
Group 2: 27–30 December 2020 (Sunday–Wednesday) 10:00am–10:00pm

Free admission

(852) 2329 7803,

Co-presented by:

City Contemporary Dance CompanyCity Contemporary Dance Company is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Design Partner:

Noiseless Design

About Artists:

Yuri Ng

Yuri NgPhoto: Vivien LIU@Studio UNIT

Yuri Ng is currently Artistic Director Designate of CCDC and Co-artistic Advisor of Yat Po Singers. Born in Hong Kong, he received the Artist of the Year Award – Choreographer from the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild in 1997. In 1998, he was awarded the Prix d’Auteur at the Sixth Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis for his choreography for Boy Story. In 2008, his choreography for A Soldier’s Story received a Hong Kong Dance Award. Ng won a Distinguished Achievement Award at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2012 and the Award for Best Artist (Dance) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2013. He also won the awards for Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Large Venue Production for Requiem HK at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2019.

Dominic Wong

Dominic WongPhoto: Worldwide Dancer Project

Dominic Wong joined CCDC after his graduation in 1996 and was promoted to Assistant Artistic Director in 2016, before being appointed Acting Artistic Director in 2019. He received the Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer for Plaza X in 2001 and The Comedy of K in 2013. His choreographic works include Xtremely Four SeasonsWhat’s Next? Blind ChanceSecond ThoughtsTravelogueThe Little Prince, Day After Day in Season(s) and The Odyssey of Little DragonXtremely Four Seasons and What’s Next? were both hailed by the South China Morning Post as Best Dances of the year, while Travelogue won the award for Outstanding Medium Venue Production at the 19th Hong Kong Dance Awards. Wong’s choreography has also featured at the Beijing Dance Festival and the Guangdong Dance Festival.

Kong Wing-yee

Kong Wing-yeePhoto courtesy of CCDC

Kong Wing-yee is a freelance choreographer and dancer who graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in Chinese Dance. The main theme of her choreography is distance. In her first work as choreographer, WE, she explored the safest and the most suitable distance between two individuals. In her second work, M. CM. MM, she extended her observation to a group, focusing on the distance one keeps from other members of a group in order to feel comfortable. In her new work with Kwok Tsz-ying, Solara & Luna, her focus is the distance between the self and the heart. Wing believes that we can only be our true selves when we get to our hearts. She hopes to keep thinking about interpersonal distance as she strives for explicit expression in her creative process.

Kwok Tsz-ying

Kwok Tsz-yingPhoto courtesy of CCDC 

During her studies at Hong Kong Baptist University, Kwok Tsz-ying devoted much of her time to street dance training and group dance performances in the Dance Association. This inspired her to pursue a more professional training in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, where she majored in Contemporary Dance. The elements of freestyle in hip hop inspired her to improvise within contemporary dance. Improvising with a strong emotional flow or storyline in mind has been an important element in her movement research, which can be seen in her early choreographic works at school, including Dads Said and My Four-Headed Freak. With her early background in drama and her musical theatre training, Kwok is also influenced in her choreography by a strong sense of the stage and performance. In October 2020, Kwok worked with Kong Wing-yee and created Solara & Luna in the REAL Showcase Series presented by CCDC Dance Centre.

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