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Participating Choreographers:
Mao Wei

Mao WeiMao Wei graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a full scholarship. One of the founders of MW Dance Theatre, he is currently its artistic director. Since 2019, MW Dance Theatre has established the "On Site Festival” in Macau to bring contemporary art to the community. In recent years, he has focused on creation and body development in the hope of forging a unique style, and together with dance artist Tracy Wong Choi-si has built up a special partnering vocabulary of “relative force”.

Mao’s works Pardon, Mapping, A Part of Us and Shelf Life have been performed at art festivals all over the world. Mao was also invited by the Hong Kong Arts Centre to create Les Curious Fringes: Blast of the Cave with Belgian arts company Ersatz. He received invitations from the Hong Kong Arts Festival as well, to collaborate with Italian artist Alessandro Sciarroni on Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (HK Remix) and British artist Jos Baker on Put Out the Flame. His latest project “Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Barcelona” is a West Kowloon Cultural District initiative involving three years of residency exchange programme.


Terry Tsang King-fai

Terry Tsang King-faiPhoto: Jay Wu

Terry Tsang, nominee for “Outstanding Performing Male Dancer” at the Hong Kong Dance Awards, had his recent work Mo Ngaan Tai presented in 2019, and received invitations from City Contemporary Dance Festival, Hong Kong Dance Exchange International Festival and festivals in Italy and Taiwan shortly after the premiere.

Previously, Terry studied at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Contemporary Dance, and was a full-time dancer in City Contemporary Dance Company from 2013 to 2019. During this time, he toured many different countries and regions, including Norway, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Japan, Korea, Mainland China and Taiwan, and was also active locally.

In recent years, Terry has specialised in dance photography with the establishment of Labora-Terry Arts, which has enabled him to intensify his investigation into creation and the human body, with his camera work influenced by the visuals of dance and his choreographic creations inspired by his picture taking.


Participating Composers:

HakgwaiLau Chun-ho, aka Hakgwai, is a musician from Hong Kong who can play various traditional Chinese musical instruments – including the erhu, guzheng and qin xiao – as well as a variety of instruments from all over the world, such as the Mongolian morin khuur, the African djembe and the Australian didgeridoo. He is also skilled in beatboxing and Mongolian throat singing.

Hakgwai was the lead singer of local rock band Chock Ma until it disbanded in 2015. He then went to Australia for a year, before returning to Hong Kong, where he has participated in various events, such as the Hong Kong Film Awards. He has also been invited to perform and give workshops in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Hakgwai has been a guest lecturer at the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong, and has also been invited to more than 30 different colleges and universities as a lecturer and guest music teacher.


Jonathan Yang

Jonathan YangPhoto: Michael Chiu m-for-mc

Jonathan Yang is a singer-songwriter and producer known for his eerie and affecting style, which ranges from highly personal ballads to dark and nervy ‘scrambles’. His debut EP It’s Time I Head South was released in 2017. He then joined post-punk / No Wave outfit David Boring as a bassist/guitarist in 2018. His recent singles Red Flag, Riverbed and Bunker Song were released as a taster for his upcoming LP.

Jonathan has participated in various musical projects, such as West Kowloon’s Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1 (2017) and Vol. 3 (2020) and Kimberly Road Union’s EP in 2020. He has also performed at the Wild Market festival in Taiwan and several festivals in Germany, and has been involved in a number of theatre productions, including two works by That Travis in 2018 and 2019 respectively.



LaujanPhoto: Leung Pak Ting

Janice Laujan works as a full-time architect by day, and runs and fronts the noise band David Boring by night. She is also an active contributor to the local alternative music scene, with contributions ranging from procuring and organising gigs at eccentric locations to collaborating across disciplines with different artists and musicians, and writing for various music media. Laujan has also taken on a role promoting what she cares about to the rest of the world. She can often be seen waxing poetic about Hong Kong’s cultural and social landscape on a number of international media channels, notably CNN – where she was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s celebrated Parts Unknown show – and the French-German TV network Arte. Laujan not only informs but also inspires a greater audience to know and love the lesser known, intricate and conflicted sides of Hong Kong.