Crossover Lab Initiative



To promote the West Kowloon Cultural District (the District) to a wider audience, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (the Authority) has hosted Crossover Lab Initiative in collaboration with NGOs and local arts and cultural groups since 2016/17. Through various online and onsite programmes in the District and the community, these events aim to invite members of the public to know more about the District and encourage their visit, enabling the interaction and organic development of the community, thereby complementing the Authority’s vision to develop an integrated arts and cultural district.


Stroll In Tai Po @ West Kowloon

Stroll In Tai Po @ West Kowloon

"Stroll in Tai Po @ West Kowloon” is a community engagement project curated under the concept of strolling around Tai Po. Art groups and organisations from Tai Po will present online programmes for participant to experience at home the cultural life of Tai Po and learn more about West Kowloon