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During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, the Rouran invaded the Central Plains. The emperor of the Northern Wei started conscription to fight against the enemy, and Hua Hu was one of those enlisted.


Mulan, the daughter of Hua Hu, could not bear to see her old father go to war. Therefore, she geared up late at night for joining the army in place of her father, and secretly embarked on a journey with her friends, Pu Yu and Zhao Tian. However, Mulan’s plan was discovered and interrupted by her father. Upon Mulan’s explanation of her difficult decision, Mulan and her father bade each other farewell. Hua Hu asked Pu Yu to protect his daughter, and Pu Yu promised without hesitation that he would keep Mulan safe.


On the way to the miliary camp, Mulan encountered Yuan Du, the general of the Northern Wei army. Yuan Du was having a hard battle with the enemy, but Mulan fought together with him and defeated them. Mulan was even exceptionally promoted by the marshal, Xia Hou Shu, as a captain of the army.


Throughout the years of war, Mulan has been attracted to Yuan Du, and the two of them got along very well. Pu Yu, who had a crush on Mulan, was jealous of this. Before fighting back against the Rouran, Infanta Fei Feng, the emperor’s younger sister, visited the camp to boost the army’s morale. She was impressed by Mulan. Not only did Infanta Fei Feng give Mulan jewelry as gifts, but she also treated Mulan as her potential husband. It was difficult for Mulan to explain the truth to Infanta Fei Feng. 


In the last battle between the Northern Wei and the Rouran, Pu Yu violated the military order and marched forward. He was then surrounded by the Rouran. Mulan came alone to save him, but both of them got hurt. At that moment, Yuan Du brought the army with him and came as support.


What Mulan experienced during her 12 years of army life was out of her expectation. She was in a tangle because of her complicated relationships with Yuan Du, Pu Yu and Infanta Fei Feng. How is Mulan going to solve it?


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