I Go to West Kowloon__

I Go to West Kowloon__

I Go to West Kowloon__

I Go to West Kowloon__

I Go to West Kowloon__

I Go to West Kowloon__

I Go to West Kowloon__

I Go to West Kowloon__

I Go to West Kowloon__



Organised by the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, with Little Green Feet as the programme partner, “I Go to West Kowloon __” is a series of creative online workshops aiming to encourage people from 18 districts across all ages to create their own handicraft at home in lifestyle theme by using different materials, such as medal, wood, cement, food, paper and plastic, so as to discover the cultural characteristics of their communities and drive them to imagine a visit, including the people they will meet, the things they will encounter, and the activities they can do in West Kowloon.


Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles and Hong Kong Sign Language Interpretation


April 2021


Workshops Brief description Application period Workshop period*
I Go to West Kowloon by__ Learn to use metallic materials to create a transportation to West Kowloon with your imagination. 15–21 March 2021 2–10 April 2021
I Have a Nice Chat with__in West Kowloon Imagine a chat with friends in West Kowloon and learn to create a wooden chair model. 19–26 March 2021 7–15 April 2021
I __under Trees in West Kowloon Inspired by the greenery and open space of West Kowloon, participants can learn to create a small cement plant pot. 22–28 March 2021 9–17 April 2021
I Go to West Kowloon for a __ With the use of paper, create a 3D paper craft to display your imagination of various activities in West Kowloon. 26 March–2 April 2021 14–22 April 2021
I Go to West Kowloon for a Picnic __ Encourage the participants to create a refreshment with the ingredients found in the community for a picnic in West Kowloon. 29 March–4 April 2021 16–24 April 2021
I Enjoy __in West Kowloon Create a printmaking to display the remarkable venue or enjoyable events in West Kowloon. 3–9 April 2021 21–29 April 2021


(* Materials pack of workshops will be provided for participants in advance of the workshop; participants are required to submit photo(s) after completion of handicraft to receive an e-certificate and have a chance to win a prize!)


Target Participants:
Family group (children aged 4-12 and parents)
Individual group (aged 13 or above)


Number of Participants:
Quotas of workshops are limited, allocation will be made by drawing lots. Please refer to programme website for details.




For more information and registration:
Programme Website: I Go to West Kowloon
Facebook: I Go to West Kowloon


WhatsApp / Signal: (852) 9667 5699
Email: [email protected]


Programmes are subject to change without prior notice.


Accessibility Services:
Workshops videos with accessibility captions and Hong Kong Sign Language Interpretation.

Programme Partner


Supporting Units

KaCaMa Design Lab MUDWORK Mr. Hammers Tiana CloudLand 天上遊雲 家嚐 Savor Hut Marble Print & Clay

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