A Rift Repaired

Xiqu Centre Grand Theatre



Man Ping-Sang was hurrying his way but collapsed in the snow. Chiu Pang-Leon saved him and they fell in love. Ping–Sang brought her home to his Mom. Meanwhile, Ping-Leon was ill. Fongs’ brother and sister bribed the physician to lie that Ping-Leon had acquired lung disease. For Ping-Sang’ sake, Pang-Leon gave in and, together with maid Chun-To, moved to another courtyard for recovery. 


King of Liao invaded. Ping-Sang was appointed to lead the defence. Man-Fongs expelled Pang-Leon from the family and required her to never meet Ping-Sang. 


Ping-sang returned with triumph and was heart-broken that Pang-Leon had been expelled. He dashed off recklessly to find her. To maintain Ping-Sang’s reputation for filial duty, Pang-Leon rejected Ping-Sang and fooled him with her fake grave. Ping-Sang passed out with tears at the grave. In his dream, he expressed his love and urged earnestly for reunion. Seeing this, Pang-Leon who was hiding behind the grave was very touched and showed up to Ping-Sang. At that time, Man-Fongs and Chiu Mo arrived. Fongs’ brother and sister told how they made up the false story against Pang-Leon. Things were clear. Having seen Pang-Leon’s virtue, Man-Fongs was delighted to let Ping Sang marry her. 


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