Spirit of Hong Kong

Xiqu Centre Grand Theatre



Youth Connect Foundation and Fung Cheung Hung Troupe proudly present again their Musical in Cantonese Opera style – Spirit of Hong Kong. From May to June 2021, Spirit of Hong Kong has been performed in one go with a total of 25 performances, breaking the record for having the most performances in the Xiqu Centre. The Troupe is grateful for Home Affairs Bureau and Home Affairs Department’s support during the performances, which enabled Spirit of Hong Kong to share its happiness with Hong Kong people. The performances were well-received among organizations, friends, and Hong Kong people. In light of this, Youth Connect Foundation, the organizer, decided to rerun Spirit of Hong Kong for another 4 performances in 2023.


Spirit of Hong Kong would be presented from 29 January to 5 February 2023. The story of Spirit of Hong Kong is based on the fight against the virus, with the spirit of solidarity and love serving as the story’s backbone. The show is starring Cantonese Opera actress and actor including Ms. Wai Chun-fai, Mr. Loong Koon-tin, Mr. Chan Hung-chun, Mr. Liu Kwok-sum, Ms. Li Pui-yan, Mr. Pui Jun-hin, and many others, counting more than 100 staff on the front and backstage in total. With the Year of the Rabbit turning a brand-new page, the resail of the Spirit of Hong Kong shall also bring energy and joy to the Hong Kong society.


Youth Connect Foundation


Fung Cheung Hung Troupe