Floral Princess (65th Anniversary) Professional Edition

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In light of the current situation, Floral Princess (65th Anniversary) Professional Edition during 7-18 January 2022 (Friday–Tuesday) will not take place as scheduled. All ticket holders please keep the ticket(s). Please see our Ticketing Arrangements page for details. Ticketing Enquiries: (852) 2200 0022, [email protected], Programme Enquiries: (852) 6015 4377, [email protected].


"There is probably no other example than Floral Princess among Canto-operas: its theme song "A Fragrant Death" has become a household tune, representative of the popular culture of a particular time and place......


The sad and beautiful story of Princess Coeng-ping uses turbulent days as its backdrop ---- her capital city falls but she survives. After change of sovereignty she and her husband are as if forever apart: mutual recognition would be inapt even when they do meet. Yet, national mission compels her to resume her nobility and come back, albeit in pain. When her wish is fulfilled, she committed suicide together with her husband, to uphold national dignity..... "*


"Like a mighty flood is my grief at parting as the sun declined, My singing whip points east to the far horizon. But fallen petals are not heartless matter, Transmuted into spring soil they will again nurture flowers. "**


Remake: for dialogue with the present era. Exquisite, minimalist production, with length confined to 160 minutes, tailor-made music and lighting designs, and Harmonic Canto-opera Audio (HCA). Actors and actresses of different generations mix and match, with different combinations of ZAU Sai-hin and Princess Coeng-ping daily. The move is set to generate distinctive sparkles, witnessing the torch of Canto-opera being handed down.


*The Chinese version is extracted from the special printed materials for “The 11th Hong Kong International Film Festival‧Cantonese Opera Film Retrospective (1987)”


**Gong Zizhen│Quoted from translation by Sir Robert Kotewall


9 and 18 January 2022 tickets are reserved for Chi Heng Foundation for charity fund raising. Please call Mr Tang or Ms Ma at (852) 2517 0564 or WhatsApp (852) 5137 2726 for enquiry.


15 Combinations of Leading Roles
The trans-generational Floral Princess and Consort ZAU will be played by a different mix of actors/actresses in each performance.
Consort ZAU: LEE Lung, LIANG Zhao-ming, WAI Chun-fai, HONG Hai*, WANG Zhiliang
Princess Coeng Ping: NAN Fung, Monica BAI, CHAN Wing-yee, TANG Mi-ling, Susanna CHENG, LI Pui-yan, LIN Yingshi
Supporting Performers: LIU Kwok-sum, KWOK Kai-fai, MO Hua-min, Shirley LIN, LEUNG Fei-tung, WONG On-ching*, LIANG Zhenwen


Production team:
Playwright: TONG Tik-sang
Directors-General: CHAN Sinn Gi Joseph & IP Ka-po
Producer: Maurice LAI
Director: Rex NG
Script Editors: Rex NG & CHEUNG Kwan-hin
Music Designer: LEE Che-yi
Setting Designer: Bill CHEUNG
Lighting Designer: Claudia CHAN
Sound Designer: Temple HO
Music Leader (Melody): MAO Yijun
Music Leader (Percussion): ZHAO Riwei*
Stage Manager: Jones LEE
Marketing Strategy Manager: Eveline WONG
Art Industry Development Manager: Darry CHAN

*Thanks for HKAPA’s approval of participation




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