The West Kowloon Cultural District offers a range of outdoor spaces for event hire with the below objectives: 

  • provide opportunities for outdoor and/or indoor events;
  • raise public awareness of the future uses of the site;
  • bring people to the district so that they will get familiar with access to the site and reinforce the message that the district is developed for all the people of Hong Kong with different backgrounds and interests;
  • act as incubators for developing and nurturing talents in performing arts and visual culture, plus associated venue management and other ancillary professional/technical skills;
  • pilot the integration of software building with hardware development in response to public expectation; and
  • provide the WKCDA with a foretaste of running a site with mixed commercial and cultural activities, and balance the two to achieve a financially sustainable and viable operation for WKCD.

Comprising a number of areas with versatile lawn and concrete paving, the West Kowloon Cultural District Outdoor Event Spaces is suitable for various type of outdoor events and commercial wedding photography.

West Kowloon Cultural District Outdoor Event Spaces


Site availability is subject to the WKCDA’s schedule of works and events to be undertaken on the site.

Events to be held at the West Kowloon Cultural District Outdoor Event Spaces

The following types of events can be considered:

  • Arts and culture-related events, including arts promotion/education events;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Entertainment events;
  • Community events;
  • Commercial events;
  • Provision of food and beverages and retail uses ancillary to an event are also permitted;
  • Commercial photography; and
  • Wedding photography


If you are interested in hiring our venues, please fill in the enquiry form or provide a brief proposal of its proposed event based on our requirements, and send to


  • To achieve the objectives set forth for the temporary use initiatives, WKCDA has absolute discretion in determining the suitability of events/activities and the appropriate location for such activities. General criteria include nature of the event, credibility and track record of organizers, site availability and feasibility, etc. Impact of the event on the public and on the WKCDA brand will also be taken into consideration.
  • In general, WKCDA’s own programmes and partnership projects always have priority over external events. Arts and culture-related events will also have priority over other types of activities.
  • Event organizers shall make their own necessary arrangements for structures and fittings, electricity and water supplies, portable washrooms etc.
  • Organisers are responsible for obtaining all relevant licences (e.g. Temporary Places of Public Entertainment Licence), permits and approvals from government authorities wherever required. Community stakeholders should be consulted through the Yau Tsim Mong District Office for major public events.
  • The rental/licence fee is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the event nature, size, duration, users, seasonal factors, etc.