“A wonderful gratifying experience.” -The Age

A table of food tells eloquent stories … of celebration and conflict, of joy and tribulation, of colourful pasts and confounding presents.

Acrobat invites an intimate audience to share a communal meal, music and stories with jazz singer, psychologist and passionate cook David Chong. Born on the outskirts of Sydney to travelling Chinese acrobats, David grew up in a Confucian household in Brazil, returning to Australia as an adult, speaking Portuguese, Cantonese, and very little English. Acrobat is David’s personal tale of the contemporary cultural mosaic: a high-wire dance across continents on the sounds of Brazil and the aromas of the world. The song of a circus son.

Produced by the acclaimed Melbourne-based performance makers A is for Atlas, Acrobat is an organic and interactive experience of shared food, memories, and human histories. This event is part of the much loved Dining Room Tales project created by Xan Colman, and features live music by Chong and his co-composer, jazz guitarist Nathan Slater.

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Mr and Mrs Fox (map)

Date & Time:
1 November (Wednesday): 7:00pm
2 November (Thursday): 7:00pm
4 November (Saturday): 7:00pm
5 November (Sunday): 11:00am


150 minutes

HK$580 (Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage will be provided. Audience will pay for the drinks that are not included in the performance’s menu.)


Stories of David Chong
Songs of David Chong and Nathan Slater from Tatu Rei
Performed by David Chong and Nathan Slater (guitar)
Food by David Chong
Concept, direction and text: Xan Colman
Company: A is for Atlas

Artist Bio:

David Chong

David Chong was born in Australia, the son of Chinese acrobats who were touring Australia at the time. They settled in Brazil when David was 6 years old. David returned to Australia at the age of 25 having qualified as a psychologist. David finds himself in the unique situation of being Australian by birth, Chinese by heritage and Brazilian by culture. Following his parents’ creative passion, he was also a contemporary dancer in Brazil (in the circo de dança of Grupo Corpo) and is now the lead singer and composer for Brazilian jazz band Tatu Rei. David has established a successful career in psychology working in Melbourne, and abroad in Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Brazil and Japan.



Company Bio:

A is for Atlas

A is for Atlas makes contemporary performance. Our work traverses multi-form practice collaborations, community development practice, collaborative cross-cultural practice and collaborations between arts and non-arts disciplines. We collaborate across disciplines to find new process, new perspective, new potential. We provoke artist and audience to collide, reshuffle, and approach what’s next together.

The core mission of A is for Atlas is to develop a sustainable contemporary performance practice that is inter-disciplinary, socially progressive and community connective. It is about art that matters, it is about making it with rigour, and it is about utilising both the outcomes and processes as material that serves to promote empathy and resist apathy. It is resilience thinking.

Live, inter-disciplinary, connective and catalytic, Dining Room Tales is a project in social resilience. It cultivates cross-community connection to narratives of place, culture, family, and life practices both traditional and contemporary which inform the way our society can better function through harmony. It is a neat standard bearer for the company’s work, in terms both of practice and ethics, encouraging critical conversation about who we are as a society, and the future we approach together.