House Rules for the Freespace

Please comply with the following House Rules for the Freespace (“Venue”):

  1. Valid admission tickets or other valid passes must be presented upon entry to the performance venues.
  2. Venue management has the right to request ticket holders to show valid proof of identity.
  3. No entry is allowed into non-public areas without permission.
  4. No unauthorised filming, photography, video, audio recording or use any form of recording of a visual image or sound is allowed within the Freespace.
  5. No eating or drinking is allowed unless with the permission of the Venue management.
  6. To ensure public safety and order within the Freespace, a person must not, unless with the permission of Venue management:
    - run or shout loudly;
    - throw objects, use foul language or behave in a disorderly manner;
    - melt or burn objects;
    - bring any fragile glassware or objects which may cause a risk of injury to any person/property;
    - bring any firearm, ammunition or offensive weapon of any description;
    - throw a stone or missile, or discharge a gun, air gun, bow and arrow, catapult or other similar devices;
    - smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe, except in designated smoking areas;
    - beg or solicit alms;
    - bring any illegal drugs, alcoholic drinks or drinks in cans or glass bottles;
    - bring any animals (except guide dogs or police dogs);
    - bring any items which may be offensive or hazardous to health, or which can be used as a weapon, or used to impede the smooth progress of events, e.g. knifes, fireworks, laser pointers, compressed gas or liquid spray or other hazardous materials;
    - bring any mechanically or non-mechanically operated sound tools, e.g. loudspeakers, drums and the like;
    - play ball games, use bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, remote-controlled flying devices or toys, and/or any motor vehicles;
    - dump, abandon or leave behind any vehicle, equipment, construction debris, waste matter, rubbish, refuse or unwanted articles of any kind;
    - fly a kite, any remotely controlled powered flying drone, model aircraft, any balloon filled with heated air or lighter than air gases;
    - climb a perimeter wall, fence, post, barrier or any structure; or
    - camp out.
  7. Any forms of demonstration or acts of protest, any banners, posters, placards, leaflets or publicity and display materials the contents of which are commercial, abusive, threatening, discriminatory, religious or political in nature are strictly prohibited. Collecting of signatures and distribution or sale of promotional materials, souvenirs and give-away items shall not be conducted without the permission of Venue management.
  8. Unauthorised commercial activities or performances are prohibited.
  9. Gambling or any unlawful or immoral activities are prohibited.
  10. Proper attire must be worn at all times. Venue management reserves the right to deny admission to any person wearing inappropriate attire or attire that could offend other persons.
  11. A person must not wilfully obstruct any member of staff in performing his/her duty or wilfully obstruct, disturb, interrupt or annoy other persons in the Venue.
  12. A person must not write upon, mark, soil or otherwise damage in any way or destroy any wall, door, furniture, fitting or other items in the Freespace. A person’s breach of these House Rules causing loss or damage to Venue’s furniture, equipment or any other objects will be liable for a charge imposed as Venue management considers necessary to replace the damaged items.
  13. Venue management reserves the right to ask any person not properly or correctly using the Venue facilities or equipment or obstructing/disturbing other persons to stop their activities or leave the Venue.
  14. Belongings should not be left unattended. Venue management is not responsible for the safe custody and/or loss or damage of personal property brought to and/or left in the Venue.
  15. This Venue is under closed circuit television surveillance with a recording facility.
  16. Venue management reserves the right and is entitled to change, alter, add, delete, suspend, revise and update all information in this document at any time at its absolute discretion without giving any reasons or prior notice.