Children's Workshop: Musical Storytelling with Uncle Hung

Specially designed for children aged four to nine, this interactive family workshop leads participants into the magical world of imagination and play. Through fun conversations and live music, children are encouraged to make up and tell stories and co-create a poem with local storyteller Uncle Hung
6-7.3.2021|The Studio, Freespace

Tri Ka Tsai @ Lau Bak Livehouse

Co-created by multidisciplinary artists Yuri Ng, Anna Lo and Rick Lau, this original Hong Kong-style cabaret production takes a humorous look at the joys and horrors of the city’s complex and uniquely hybrid trilingual, tricultural landscape
11-14.3.2021|Lau Bak Livehouse, Freespace

CCDC in Residence – Mr Blank and Social Distancing Theatre “Joyeux Noël” Screendance

Screendance versions of CCDC’s two latest dance theatre projects are now available for on-demand viewing for a limited period: Mr Blank explores the power dynamics of mass surveillance; while solo performance Social Distancing Theatre “Joyeux Noël” tells an intimate story in a minimalist setting

Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio – Scenes from a Marriage

Internationally acclaimed director Tang Shu-wing brings Swedish film maestro Ingmar Bergman’s classic to the stage in a production starring award-winning actors Ben Yuen and Emily Kwan
20-28.3.2021|The Box, Freespace

Hong Kong Ballet in Residence 2021: turn(it)out festival

Co-presented by Freespace as part of Hong Kong Ballet in Residence 2021, the digital turn(it)out festival introduces the world of ballet and features a collection of dazzling contemporary works and exciting activities

Building Virtual Bridges: How does new technology promote music collaboration across borders?

Musicians from Freespace Jazz Fest Experimental Jazz Lab and acclaimed new media artist Kingsley Ng share creative insights in an online sharing session about how new technologies promote real-time music collaboration across international borders and pave an exciting path for future expressions of live music

Creating for the Virtual Stage

Choreographer and multidisciplinary artist, Hiroaki Umeda (JP) and digital media scholar Dr Annie Wan (UK/HK) discuss creating for the virtual stage. The conversation features excerpts of Umeda’s virtual works to explore how technology widens the imagination of artists and audiences alike

Freespace Mural

Freespace commissioned graphic designer Calvin Ho@AtomicAttack to create the first mural on our exterior wall, celebrating the union of movement, music, and creatures of all kinds. You are welcome to witness the creative process of the work online or onsite

Freespace Mixtape

Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1, Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2 and Freespace Mixtape Vol. 3 are now available to stream on various online platforms

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