• Lau Bak Livehouse

    Lau Bak Livehouse at Freespace is a small bar and performance space presenting music from Hong Kong and around the world. As well as regular showcases highlighting the best of the local and international music scene, Lau Bak Livehouse also hosts workshops, film screenings and cultural events

  • Freespace Fest

    13.12.2019 to 15.12.2019, Freespace and Art Park, West Kowloon

    Freespace Fest on 13-15 December 2019 (Friday-Sunday) will be rescheduled. Details will be announced on the West Kowloon Cultural District website in due course

  • Rimini Protokoll – 100% Hong Kong

    13.12.2019 to 15.12.2019, The Box, Freespace

    Rimini Protokoll – 100% Hong Kong on 13 to 15 December 2019 (Friday-Sunday) has been rescheduled. Ticketing Enquiries: (852) 2200 0022

  • Boh Boh’s New Friends

    14.12.2019 to 15.12.2019, The Studio, Freespace

    Boh Boh's New Friends is an interactive bi-lingual performance that takes children on an intergalactic space adventure with Boh Boh the alien puppet. Dancing and singing songs in Cantonese and English, the audience accompany Boh Boh on his journey through space, and helping him make new friends

  • POP-UP Duets (fragments of love)

    14.12.2019 to 15.12.2019, Parade Ground, Tai Kwun

    POP-UP Duets (fragments of love) brings together the talents of award-winning UK choreographer Janis Claxton and four world-class dancers. The eight dynamic stand-alone duets evolve from simple everyday interactions and draw on the theme of love. Presented at the Parade Ground, Tai Kwun

  • Freespace Little Stage Managers

    14.12.2019 to 22.12.2019, Freespace, West Kowloon

    This interactive role-play workshop introduces children to the behind-the-scenes world of performing arts production at Freespace. Acting as mini assistant stage managers, participants explore the Freespace venue and learn fun facts about performing arts

  • Beyond Words

    21.12.2019 to 22.12.2019, The Room, Freespace

    Take centre stage in a communicative art experience that brings together hearing and hearing-impaired participants and encourages new perspectives on inclusivity. A participatory art experience created by local interdisciplinary artist Kingsley Ng and graduate students of the Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Company Wayne McGregor – Autobiography

    10.01.2020 to 12.01.2020, The Box, Freespace

    Inspired by the sequencing of McGregor’s own genome, Autobiography is performed by 10 dancers to a genre-defying soundscape by electronic musician Jlin and offers a mesmerising reflection on the fractured, multilayered nature of our lives and personal stories. Asian premiere

  • Hong Kong Cool: Ballet x Fashion

    06.02.2020 to 08.02.2020, The Box, Freespace

    Four choreographers work with four emerging fashion designers in premiere performances that celebrate the creative and inspirational legacy sparked when Coco Chanel collaborated with Diaghilev and the Ballet Russe almost a century ago

  • Ballet Classics for Children: The Sleeping Beauty

    08.02.2020 to 09.02.2020, The Box, Freespace

    Masterminded by Yuri Ng and narrated by Rick Lau, this hugely popular abridged classic enchants children with its innovative blend of storytelling, dance and audience interaction. A wonderful introduction to a live ballet performance for children as young as three years old

  • Ryuichi Sakamoto feat. Shiro Takatani: dis·play

    03.04.2020 to 04.04.2020, The Box, Freespace

    Ryuichi Sakamoto returns to Hong Kong for the first time in more than a decade with his new performance dis·play, combining music from his 2017 album async and visual compositions from long-time collaborator Shiro Takatani. Full programme details will be posted in January 2020

  • ON VIEW: Panorama

    09.04.2020 to 19.04.2020, The Box & The Room, Freespace

    Sydney-based choreographer, filmmaker and artist Sue Healey partners with performers from Hong Kong, Japan and Australia to present a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural production combining live dance performances, film installations and exhibitions. Joining the project from Hong Kong are dance artists Mui Cheuk-yin and Joseph Lee, and cinematographer Maurice Lai

Past events

  • CCDC in Residence: VR Dance Video (22–24.11.2019)

    22.11.2019 to 24.11.2019, The Studio, Freespace

    Part installation, part experimental VR dance experience, this futuristic meta-fiction film by director Singing Chen and choreographer Chou Shu-yi, offers audience a unique look at the possibilities of moving image dance works

    Past event
  • CCDC in Residence: Re-Mark

    16.11.2019 to 24.11.2019, The Box, Freespace

    A reflection on the relationship between body, space and memory, this thought-provoking new work by CCDC Resident Choreography Sang Jijia explores the landscapes of Hong Kong’s contemporary culture, the city’s collective memory, and the traces of the past that echo through the years

    Past event
  • CCDC in Residence: VR Dance Video (18–21.11.2019)

    18.11.2019 to 21.11.2019, The Studio, Freespace

    Part installation, part experimental VR dance experience, this futuristic meta-fiction film by director Singing Chen and choreographer Chou Shu-yi, offers audience a unique look at the possibilities of moving image dance works

    Past event
  • CCDC in Residence: Almost 55

    19.11.2019 to 20.11.2019, The Box, Freespace

    A heartfelt solo dance created by Taiwanese choreography Chou Shu-yi for veteran dancer Qiao Yang, resident artist with CCDC, Almost 55 is also conversation between two artists of different generations and homelands on the history of contemporary dance and notions of home and identity

    Past event
  • CCDC in Residence: VR Dance Video (13–17.11.2019)

    13.11.2019 to 17.11.2019, The Studio, Freespace

    Part installation, part experimental VR dance experience, this futuristic meta-fiction film by director Singing Chen and choreographer Chou Shu-yi, offers audience a unique look at the possibilities of moving image dance works

    Past event
  • Freespace Jazz Fest: GoGo Penguin and Robert Glasper Trio

    09.11.2019 to 10.11.2019, The Box, Freespace

    GoGo Penguin (Saturday) and the multiple-Grammy-winning Robert Glasper Trio (Sunday) give headliner performances in the first Freespace Jazz Fest. Tickets now on sale

    Past event
  • Freespace Jazz Fest: Jazz for Kids

    09.11.2019 to 10.11.2019, The Room, Freespace

    Jazz for Kids is an interactive concert that encourages children to accept their own emotions. Jazz musicians tell the story of Siu Kwai using familiar songs. We welcome all ages three or above

    Past event

    01.11.2019 to 02.11.2019, The Box, Freespace

    A story about a modern Hong Kong woman and her unwavering pursuit of freedom ── a universal pursuit deeply rooted in the human condition ── this multimedia theatrical production fuses classical opera, video design and modern dance, distilling Bizet’s iconic opera into an empowering 90-minute immersive experience

    Past event
  • Contemporary Classical Music Exchange Programme

    31.10.2019 to 01.11.2019, The Room, Freespace

    Six composers from Taiwan and Hong Kong join us for a two-day artistic exchange. The event includes a free public seminar on current developments in contemporary classical music in the region and free concert and sharing session on the process of composing

    Past event
  • Dramaturgy and Beyond

    12.10.2019 to 31.10.2019

    The second year of our three-year “Dramaturgy and Beyond” programme and explores the role of dramaturgy in curating and festival making through a series of public seminars and professional workshops

    Past event
  • Edward Lam Dance Theatre – Art School Musical

    06.10.2019 to 13.10.2019, The Box, Freespace

    This October, Art School Musical returns to Hong Kong for a fourth restaging adapted for The Box at Freespace. Featuring 18 original songs, and a cast from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, the plot centres around three young students and their struggle to find meaning in love, art and life

    Past event
  • What is Stage: Space as Poetry

    01.07.2019 to 27.09.2019, The Box & The Room, Freespace

    This September, renowned German stage and costume designer Anna Viebrock joins us for a public seminar and five-day artist workshop on how stage design goes beyond space. In preparation for the workshop, Edward Lam introduces Viebrock’s work with a public talk and series of professional screenings exploring the aesthetics of some of her most important opera and stage productions

    Past event
  • Hong Kong Repertory Theatre – A Dream Like a Dream

    07.09.2019 to 11.09.2019, The Box, Freespace

    Conceived by acclaimed theatre director Stan Lai, A Dream Like a Dream is one of the most talked about Chinese-language theatrical innovations. With an eight-hour duration, four-sided stage and revolving seating design, the play presents a dreamlike journey through a life

    Past event
  • Work-in-progress: Every Time You Walk into Our Class

    06.08.2019 to 18.08.2019, The Room, Freespace

    This August, Edward Lam Dance Theatre presents their first work-in-progress series in which Taiwanese actor Shih Yi-hsiu and a small audience of 60 people interact to shape both content and performance. Blending workshop and presentation, Shih Yi-hsiu revisits the role of teacher, this time with the audience as his students

    Past event
  • Screening: Teachers and Students

    02.08.2019 to 16.08.2019, The Room, Freespace

    Co-curated by Edward Lam, this screening series features seven international films on teachers, students and education. Looking at the role of schooling beyond transmission of knowledge, it presents a range of perspectives on how our minds and hearts are shaped during our formative years

    Past event
  • Screening: Edward Lam Dance Theatre – Four Works

    03.08.2019 to 04.08.2019, The Room, Freespace

    Edward Lam Dance Theatre showcases four of the company’s original stage works written between 1997, the year of the handover, and 2000, the year of extensive educational reforms in Hong Kong – two events that had a major impact on the dreams and aspirations of the young people of Hong Kong

    Past event
  • Cantonese Opera Excerpts

    14.07.2019, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    This performance is presented by Echo Cantonese Opera Association. Full description is available in Chinese only

    Past event
  • Victor Fung in Residence – From The Top (Final Edit)

    29.06.2019, The Room, Freespace

    This work-in-progress presentation explores the interdependence of choreographers and dancers and offers a witty and beguiling take on the everyday life of dance artists and what it means to make art

    Past event
  • From a True Story – Christian Rizzo

    14.06.2019 to 15.06.2019, The Box, Freespace

    Incorporating eight male dancers and two live drummers, French choreographer Christian Rizzo’s acclaimed dance work From a True Story blends folkloric gesture and contemporary movement with repetitive tribal rhythms, creating a work that strikes at the core of human experience. Hong Kong debut

    Past event
  • Choreographic Landscapes

    07.06.2019 to 12.06.2019, The Room, Freespace

    French choreographer Christian Rizzo joins us to lead a five-day professional workshop for dancers and visual artists on choreographic compositions and the relationship between movement, performance and space. The collaboration opens with a public discussion on his work and the importance of emptiness as a space for imagination

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (9–10.3.2019)

    09.03.2019 to 10.03.2019, Art Park, West Kowloon

    To wrap up the last weekend of this season’s Freespace Happening in style, our music stage offers a great mix of sounds from round the globe: Indonesian duo Senyawa, French avant-garde band Las Aves, US ensemble Mik Nawooj with Hong Kong’s MC Yan and musicians and much, much more!

    Past event
  • WE Dance (2018-19)

    09.09.2018 to 10.03.2019, Art Park, West Kowloon

    This September, WE Dance returns to the West Kowloon Art Park with Freespace Happening, to take you on a seven-month dance journey from September 2018 to March 2019

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (10.2.2019) Freespace Happening (10.2.2019) Freespace Happening

    Freespace Happening (10.2.2019)

    10.02.2019, Art Park, West Kowloon

    Join us to celebrate the first weekend of the Year of the Pig with live music from GDJYB, tfvsjs, Milkmouth, DJ sets from Solar Sound System, indigenous dance from Taiwan, valentine bouquet and stone painting workshops, story-telling and drawing sessions about fish ponds and local birds, pet games and more

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (13.1.2019) Freespace Happening (13.1.2019) Freespace Happening

    Freespace Happening (13.1.2019)

    13.01.2019, Art Park, West Kowloon

    Join us to welcome the new year with live music, dance and fun workshops! The eclectic line-up includes Cris Derksen Trio from Canada, David Boring, Dusty Bottle, Winter Bagels and Mo-Men-T x Experimental Vocal Ensemble from Hong Kong. Learn fun facts about food at the “Open Picnic: Eat Well” and more

    Past event
  • Creation for Freespace: Dramaturgy and Beyond

    Through a range of public round-table discussions, small group practicum sessions and workshops, “Dramaturgy and Beyond” will delve into the discourse in and around the practice of dramaturgy and the tools that are useful to the creation of dance and theatre within the contemporary context

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (8-9.12.2018) Freespace Happening (8-9.12.2018) Freespace Happening

    Freespace Happening (8-9.12.2018)

    08.12.2018 to 09.12.2018, Art Park, West Kowloon

    Enjoy a fun-packed weekend of live music, movie screenings, art-making and more. For our first-ever screening on the facade of our new Freespace venue, we present two films that arts enthusiasts are sure to adore: ‘Faces Places’ and ‘The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble’

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (11.11.2018) Freespace Happening (11.11.2018) Freespace Happening

    Freespace Happening (11.11.2018)

    11.11.2018, Art Park, West Kowloon

    Whether you are into music, dance, crafts, books or pets, autumn is the perfect time of year to enjoy whatever you love outdoors. On stage, as part of Taiwan Arts Festival, we present Constant & Change and Shallow Levée with their blend of post-rock, emo and Taiwanese folk…

    Past event
  • Hong Kong International Black Box Festival

    11.10.2018 to 03.11.2018

    Co-presented with HKREP, the four-week festival showcases unconventional theatre forms that blur the lines between representations of fiction and reality. Each production invites the audience to become aware of our agency, allowing us to experience theatre in energising ways. Tickets available at URBTIX now

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (14.10.2018) Freespace Happening (14.10.2018) Freespace Happening

    Freespace Happening (14.10.2018)

    14.10.2018, Art Park, West Kowloon

    October’s Freespace Happening brings you live music and dance with a taste of Korea! On stage, we have Korean singer-songwriter Gonne Choi presenting acoustic guitar songs fused with traditional Korean elements and Korean dance artist Hyeon Lee who shares Ganggangsullae, an ancient, traditional folk dance incorporating dancing and singing

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (8–9.9.2018)

    08.09.2018 to 09.09.2018, Art Park, West Kowloon

    On 8 and 9 September, Freespace Happening, our free outdoor music and arts event, returns at its permanent site in the brand new West Kowloon Art Park

    Past event
  • Creation for Freespace: Choreographer & Composer Lab

    09.04.2018 to 24.04.2018, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

    During a 2-week trial-out lab, participating artists work in assigned pairs of one independent composer and one choreographer from Hong Kong Ballet - Mike Yip and Yuh Egami, Olivier Cong and Ricky Hu Song-wei and Tsui Chin-hung and Li Jiabo. On April 24, an informal works-in-process was showcased at the Ballet PLUS+ Salon Series. The new works will be developed and staged in September as part of Hong Kong Ballet’s “Hong Kong Cool” production

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (2017-18)

    Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    A regular, outdoor music and arts event held at West Kowloon between September and March each year, Freespace Happening is designed to nurture an open, diverse, outdoor performing arts culture in the run-up to the opening of the Art Park and the Freespace venue. Next season begins in September 2018

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (11.2.2018)

    11.02.2018, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Discover new artists and enjoy Hong Kong’s best indie sounds from Vincy Chan, tfvsjs, Stranded Whale x Cicada and more! Visit a literature fortune-telling booth, join WE Dance’s marathon dance finale, quench your thirst with Freespace Heroes Beer or learn about the history and art of brewing mead

    Past event
  • WE Dance Finale

    11.02.2018, Big Circle, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Join us for a marathon dance finale featuring showcases by local and international dancers, a dance hall where performers can show off their talents, and lots of interactive workshop

    Past event
  • WE Dance (2017-18)

    10.09.2017 to 11.02.2018, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Taking place every second Sunday of the month at Freespace Happening, this exciting participatory dance programme invites you to join a wide range of dance activities in a natural outdoor environment

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (14.1.2018)

    14.01.2018, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Strap on your skates and groove to your favourite disco hits as ohmykids transports you back in time with “Rollback Sunday”, take part in group dance, join a papermaking workshop, visit our handicraft market and celebrate the start of a new year with new music collaborations at Freespace Happening Nursery Park

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (10.12.2017)

    10.12.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    As the weather starts to cool down, Freespace Happening keeps the temperature up at the Nursery Park with a fun variety of free outdoor music, dance, literature-themed activities, handicraft markets, workshops and more! Line-up includes Argentinian Tango band Club 852, the Wong Way Down Jazz Symphony and pianist KaJeng Wong Nursery Park

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (11–12.11.2017)

    11.11.2017 to 12.11.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    This November we are transforming the West Kowloon Nursery Park into an open-air cinema and presenting two inspiring films based on the lives of great musical talents Nursery Park

    Past event

    04.11.2017 to 05.11.2017, New ArtisTree

    MEETING reveals a fascination with the articulation of the body and mind in motion

    Past event
  • Freespace at Taikoo Place

    26.10.2017 to 05.11.2017, Taikoo Place

    For two consecutive weeks, Taikoo Place will be transformed into a multi-dimensional art space, presenting innovative crossover performing art productions

    Past event
  • ON VIEW: HONG KONG (Installation Exhibition & Live Performance)

    01.11.2017 to 03.11.2017, New ArtisTree

    ON VIEW: HONG KONG challenges the way performers and spectators view a dancer’s presence, gaze, gestures, movement, force and rhythm, and looks at how a dancer presents both tangible and intangible qualities

    Past event
  • small metal objects

    01.11.2017 to 03.11.2017, Taikoo Place

    An ingenious theatrical gem, small metal objects unfolds amid the pedestrian traffic against the backdrop of the city

    Past event
  • I, Malvolio

    28.10.2017 to 29.10.2017, New ArtisTree

    A story of lost dignity, prudery, practical jokes and bullying, Crouch’s storytelling alchemy draws us deep into the madness of Shakespeare’s classic comedy

    Past event
  • Lula del Ray

    27.10.2017, New ArtisTree

    Performing with overhead projectors, shadow puppets, actors in silhouette, live music and cinematic techniques, the talented crew of Manual Cinema creates a unique and entrancing hybrid form of live film

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (8.10.2017)

    08.10.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    This October, join us for a special laid-back autumn Sunday at Fresesspace Happening! Nursery Park

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (9 - 10.9.2017)

    09.09.2017 to 10.09.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Freespace Happening is back for a fun, musical season launch at the Nursery Park on 9 and 10 September, with two full days of outdoor activities perfect for everyone!Nursery Park

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening (11 - 12.3.2017)

    11.03.2017 to 12.03.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Freespace Happening wraps up the season with two days filled with everything you love – great music, literature, theatre, market stalls and creative workshops – plus two fun camping events that let you spend the night under the stars in the Nursery Park and contemplate your place in the universeNursery Park

    Past event
  • Freespace Happening(12.2.2017)

    12.02.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Start the Chinese New Year by opening your senses at Freespace Happening and enjoy the voices of different communitiesNursery Park

    Past event
  • WE Dance (2016-17)

    11.09.2016 to 12.02.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Every month from September 2016 to February 2017 WE Dance takes place at Freespace Happening, bringing exciting participatory dance experiences. Join us there for an afternoon of dance and movement – and enjoy the fresh smell of grass and the beautiful harbour front skyline at the same timeNursery Park

    Past event