Freespace Mixtape

Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1

In 2016, Freespace Happening initiated an ongoing series of cross-genre music collaborations designed to inspire musicians to experiment with new compositions and arrangements.


Stepping into a recording studio with new collaborators, the individuals who have taken part in the project were encouraged to take a fresh look at their work, revisiting tracks and exploring new ideas. The result is an exciting, eclectic collection of music that we have brought together on our Freespace Mixtapes.


Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1, Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2 and Freespace Mixtape Vol. 3 are now available to stream on various online platforms.


Limited copies of the Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1 box set and download card are available for sale at CD Warehouse stores and White Noise Records. To hear the bands talk about their experiences, watch our short video interviews.


The Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 videos we produced in collaboration with young local video artists are now available online at West Kowloon’s YouTube channel.