Purr-fect Time at Art Park

Purr-fect Time at Art Park

It’s a pets’ world at the Art Park come weekends and public holidays. You will see them roaming around on the fabulous lawns with other furry friends or bonding with their owners. While fate plays a role in bringing them together, heartwarming stories make us feel all fuzzy inside.


Trudy likes to take her Chinchilla cat Ah Fat to the Art Park to soak up the sun. But unlike other playful pets, she would just sit quietly, watching the people around her. We learned from Trudy that Ah Fat went through a tough time before she could come and enjoy the sunshine and nature.


Paralysed from the waist down, she was abandoned in a garbage dump on a cold 2010 night. Ah Fat’s condition was heartbreaking as she had to drag herself around on her front legs. That didn’t deter animal lover Trudy from adopting Ah Fat and spending lots of time and money on MRI scans and treatments like acupuncture and acupressure massage to help her recover.

Purr-fect Time at Art Park

Ah Fat is a warrior who faces every challenge bravely and never struggles during visits to the vet or when being poked and prodded for treatment. Despite a slow recovery, her reflex nerves finally began to respond, and her condition gradually improved, making Trudy and Ah Fat see the light of day.


Through this fateful encounter, Trudy experiences love as selfless giving. The biggest reward comes from seeing Ah Fat happy or simply accompanying her to the Art Park. 


Some people keep pets just to have a companion, but Trudy is totally committed to hers and to respecting life wholeheartedly. To quote her mantra, this is perhaps the most important “thing that pets teach us”.


Art Park is a pet-friendly place for everyone. We look forward to seeing Trudy and Ah Fat here again, and we welcome you to come, enjoy the great lawn and meet new friends. Stay tuned for different furry happenings!  

Purr-fect Time at Art Park

Story behind

Trudy created an Instagram account for Ah Fat to share amusing anecdotes and her recovery highlights. Her posts not only let others follow Ah Fat’s progress and efforts but also feel Trudy’s unwavering resolve to help Ah Fat recover with whatever it takes: acupressure massage, acupuncture, infrared light treatments. Nothing is too hard for Trudy to try.


IG: https://www.instagram.com/fatfat_catwarrior/