Zhong Kui the Ghost-eater, Mu Guiying Taking Command and Talk by Pei Yanling (with demonstrations by the troupe)

Xiqu Centre Grand Theatre


Legendary xiqu artist Pei Yanling leads a team of star performers to showcase the unique charm of Hebei Bangzi


Pei Yanling, a living legend of xiqu and the Grand Prix of the Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre, is once again bringing the timeless charm of Hebei Bangzi to the Hong Kong stage.


Hebei Bangzi is an influential xiqu genre that originated from northern China during the Qing Dynasty, and was included in the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China in 2006. In December, the Shijiazhuang Hebei Bangzi Opera Troupe visits Xiqu Centre to present two star-studded performances.


Zhong Kui the Ghost-eater is the most iconic piece in Pei’s repertoire. She serves as the artistic director of this new adaptation of the classic Hebei Bangzi opera, starring her protégé Li Shufen.


Meanwhile, National Class One Performer and Plum Blossom award-winner Liu Lisha will showcase her refined martial arts skills as the warrior heroine in Mu Guiying Taking Command.


In addition, Pei will give a talk where she walks the audience through two iconic Hebei Bangzi excerpts – “Ping Gui Bids Farewell” and “The Drunken Fight between Wu Song and Jiang Zhong” – with live demonstrations by the troupe, as she explains the artistic importance and distinction of the pieces. It offers a great opportunity to xiqu lovers to learn about Hebei Bangzi from the most revered performer of this unique art form.