Inclusive West Kowloon Community Engagement Programme



The Inclusive West Kowloon Community Engagement Programme is co-presented by the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority and the Christian Family Service Centre, sponsored by the Yau Tsim Mong District Office of the Home Affairs Department. The programme running from Nov 2022 to Feb 2023 aims at connecting the society and providing an inclusive arts and cultural experience to participants through introducing the accessible and welcoming features of the West Kowloon Cultural District. The programme covering the Community Inclusion Ambassadors Programme, the Inclusive Workshop Series and Relaxed Performances ensures that everyone, including people with disabilities and ethnic minorities etc, can enjoy the arts and cultural activities at the West Kowloon Cultural District.


Inclusive Workshop Series
From Dec 2022 to Feb 2023, 13 sessions of Inclusive Workshop will be organised, people with and without disabilities are welcome to join the workshops. Workshop details are as follows:


Workshop Date and Time


Workshop Combo (1)
“Xiqu Culture Experience Workshop” and “Chinese Lantern DIY Workshop"
Date and Time:
15 December 2022 (Thursday) 2:30pm–5:30pm
20 December 2022 (Tuesday)^ 2:30pm–5:30pm
3 February 2023 (Friday)* 2:30pm–5:30pm
Venue: Xiqu Centre


Workshop Combo (2)
“Visit the Hong Kong Palace Museum” & “Paper Book Workshop”
Date and Time:
11 January 2023 (Wednesday) 2:30pm–5:30pm
18 January 2023 (Wednesday)^ 2:30pm–5:30pm
1 February 2023 (Wednesday) 10:00am–1:00pm
1 February 2023 (Wednesday)* 2:30pm–5:30pm
Venue: Hong Kong Palace Museum


Workshop Combo (3)
“Exploring West Kowloon” & “Coffee Brewing Workshop”
Date and Time:
6 January 2023 (Friday)^ 2:30pm–5:30pm
13 January 2023 (Friday)* 2:30pm–5:30pm
Venue: Art Park and Wabi Sabi Coffee


Workhsop Combo (4)
“Exploring West Kowloon” & “In the Moment of Seeing”
Date and Time:
23 December 2022 (Friday)^ 2:30pm–5:30pm
30 December 2022 (Friday)* 2:30pm–5:30pm
20 January 2023 (Friday)^ 3:00pm–6:00pm
27 January 2023 (Friday)* 3:00pm–6:00pm
Venue: Art Park and M+



1. Accessible service is available by appointment for some sessions.
*Hong Kong Sign Interpretation (available by appointment)
^Audio Description (available by appointment)

2. Programme content is subject to change, organiser reverses the rights to revise the programme content and trainer, or cancelation of the programme.


For registration:
Christian Family Service Centre


Relaxed Performance (More details will be announced later)
Two Relaxed Performances will be showing in Feb 2023, details will be announced soon, please stay tuned.


Application Deadline:
Inclusive Workshop Series : 30 November 2022


West Kowloon Cultural District Authority


Christian Family Service Centre


Yau Tsim Mong District Office of the Home Affairs Department