Enjoy the Tranquility of Nature – A Day at the Art Park
Capture the magic hour

There’s plenty to do in West Kowloon that will let you immerse yourself in art, culture and nature the whole day long. We suggest spending a day in the Art Park to kickstart your West Kowloon lifestyle experience. Ready? Let’s go.


Get a Dose of Endorphins

Set the tone for the day with a jog or a SmartBike* ride on the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade and let the refreshing sea breezes invigorate you. Prefer other activities? Try skateboarding, practising yoga or playing ball games. 


*SmartBike is a bike-sharing programme. Register and pay for your bike at the SmartBike service kiosk.


Enjoy an Al-fresco Picnic

Feeling peckish? Spread out your mat and enjoy a picnic on the Great Lawn of the Art Park. Fear not if you didn’t pack lunch. Pick up what you fancy from the slew of harbourfront cafes and restaurants. And if you have your furry friend with you, get some doggie treats. Fuel up for the rest of the day as we have a host of cultural activities lined up for you.


Uplift Yourself in Nature

Experience nature at the Art Park, a plant lovers’ paradise. The Art Park is the green heart of the cultural district, with a rich variety of trees and green planting as well as open lawn spaces for leisure and relaxation.  


Find your Headspace

Time to get into a creative frame of mind. Make your way back to the Art Park to check out Freespace Mural, the fabulous giant mural on the exterior wall of Lau Bak Livehouse in Freespace created by award-winning artist and graphic designer Calvin [email protected] See if you can identify with any of the 25 characters from the weird and wonderful AtomicAttack land populating this latest check-in spot.


Capture the Magic Hour

The magic hour is here. Saunter over to the Waterfront Promenade which offers one of the best vantage points to watch the glorious sunset in Hong Kong.

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