Produced by the Shanghai Huaiju Troupe


Presented by the young actors of the Shanghai Huaiju Troupe, Kong Yiji reimagines Lu Xun’s classic short story of the same name. Describing the misfortunes that befall the poor, pedantic scholar Kong Yiji when the civil service system he aspires to enter suddenly undergoes changes, the story is often described as reflecting the societal shifts of the late Qing dynasty. The highlight of the production is the experimental vocal style used by the troupe that combines the elegant delivery of Huaiju with the regional inflections of Peking opera dialects.



Gao Ting

Kong Yiji  

Wang Xiaotao

Ding Juren   

Wang Dandan

Wang Mama  

Qian Wei

Xiao Mengdie

Sun Yifu

Hotel Keeper  

Lin Li

Hotel Helper

Li Dezhou, Xu Xingchen, Zheng Min


Bian Xingwei, Du Yangyang, Li Dezhou, Tang Chao, Xi Ze, Zhou Zhe

Shirt Gangs/ Helper

This performance makes use of pre-recorded music.

The production “Kong Yiji” is recommended by the Shanghai Center of Chinese Operas.

Programme Details

Date: 10 September 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 7:45pm
Venue: HKRep Black Box 
Ticket price: $180

Half price for people with disabilities and the accompany minders and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients

10% discount for HKRep Pals

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Telephone credit card booking: 2111 5999

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With Chinese and English surtitles



Gao Ting

Gao Ting is an actor with the Shanghai Huaiju Troupe. Born in 1985 in Hebei Province, he trained in the laosheng (old man) and wenchou (civilian comic) roles and studied at the College of Chinese Opera at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. In 2016 he won the Best Performance and Best Directing awards at the Tian Han Drama Awards of the All China Experimental Theatre Projects. His repertoire includes Nanyang Pass, Vengeance in a Black Pot, Yang Silang Visits His Mother, The Snobbish Innkeeper, Visiting the Grave, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Richard III, The Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel, Youths’ China Dream, The Confucian Disciples and Kong Yiji.

Shanghai Huaiju Troupe
Founded in May 1953, the Shanghai Huaiju Troupe is one of the earliest state art troupes organised by the Shanghai Municipality.

Over the past 60 years, the troupe has created, arranged and performed more than 300 programmes, including Lan Qiao Hui, Nu Shen, San Nu Qiang Ban, Shui Man Sizhou, Tan Han Yao, Guan Jin Min Deng, Bai She Zhuan, Ya Nu Gao Zhuang, Wuhan San Sha, Hai Gang De Zao Chen, Mu Yu Zi, Ba Nu Tou Jiang, Jin Long Yu Fu You, Ma Ling Dao, Xi Chu Ba Wang, Da Lu Chao Tian, Qian Gu Hanfei, Jia You Zhang Zi, Da Hong Liu, and the influential Xi Chu Ba Wang. Many of the troupe’s programmes have been recognised with national and municipal awards, with Jin Long Yu Fu You receiving 43 awards nationwide, and Xi Chu Ba Wang receiving over ten awards at The Sixth Chinese Drama Festival, including the Award for Excellent Repertoire. Renowned Huaiju artists like Xiao Wenyan, He Jiaotian and a number of outstanding young performers, such as Liang Weiping, have also been recognised with major awards, including the Wenhua Award, the Plum Blossom Prize and the Magnolia Prize.
The troupe currently comprises around 60 senior professional artists. Several of its programmes have been adapted and performed by art troupes around the nation, and recordings of major performances have also been published for distribution.


Artistic and Production Teams

Artistic Team

Playwright: Guan Yancao

Revival Director: Gao Ting, Qian Wei

Vocal Design: Li Xuefeng

Music Composition: Zhou Chao

Stage Designer: Huang Xing

Lighting Designer: Zhou Jianping

Costume Designer: Wang Nan

Percussion Designer: Ma Qin

Performance Guidance: Jing Lanying, Liang Zhongping, Zhao Guohui

Original Playwright: An Shu

Director Group: He Xiaohua, Li Jun, Qian Wei,  Wang Siyi, Wu Qiujun, Yang Yiyun,  Zhang Ying

Director Guidance: Li Sha

Soloist: Wang Qin

Percussion Leader: Qi Jiafeng

Hu Leader: Zhu Yin


Production Team

Stage Manager: Xiao Zhaoming

Stage Management: Du Yangyang

Lighting: Jing Hua

Sound: Wang Xiaoyin

Makeup: Wang Qin

Wardrobe Mistress: He Meil​​ing

Headgear: Yang Guoliang

Surtitles: Tang Qun

Marketing and Administration: Zhang Lingxuan

Stage Design: Stage Design Team of the Shanghai Huai Opera Troupe

String and Percussion Ensemble: Ensemble of the Shanghai Huai Opera Troupe


*This performance makes use of pre-recorded music.

Recommended by The Shanghai Center of Chinese Operas.

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