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Cantonese Opera and Hong Kong Culture 101

This talk takes an in-depth look at the ways in which Cantonese opera and Cantonese operatic song have shaped Hong Kong culture, exploring their influence on the local vernacular, education and performing arts
03.03.2018 | HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College

Arts and Cultural Management 101

The talks invite local practitioners to share their experience and explore the qualities required for a career in the arts and culture field
27.1 - 27.2.2018

Cantonese Opera Face Painting and Costumes 101

This talk looks at the face painting and dressing processes used in contemporary Cantonese opera, and at the ways in which costumes contribute to the portrayal of different characters
16.1.2018 | HKU SPACE - Admiralty Learning Centre

Professional Development

A range of professional development initiatives with local and overseas arts and educational organisations

Creation for Freespace: Dance in Alternative Space

Independent artist Xavier Le Roy from France and Hong Kong dance artist Scarlet Yu lead two professional workshops and a public talk exploring different aspects of dance work, contemporary performance and live action in public spaces

The Weight of Lightness: Ink Art at M+

Ink, the principle medium in Asian visual art and the hallmark of Asian cultural identity, has remained an active source of inspiration in contemporary art practice. In the videos, featured artists share their thoughts on ink art and their inspiration and creative processes

The Foundations of Performance

Through a series of workshops and conversations, the Foundations of Performance designed to bring together artists from different fields to exchange experience and inspiration
16-20.1 & 22.1-3.2.2018 | Ko Shan Theatre/BRICK LANE

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M+ Rover 2018

M+ Rover, our travelling creative studio and exhibition space, will be on the road from February to June 2018 touring local secondary schools and community spaces with local artist Ng Ka Chun. Stay tuned for updates

M+ Summer Camp 2017: Nerve

M+ Summer Camp is a youth-targeted initiative organised by M+. Over the past two summers, the camps have each attracted one hundred students from different schools and backgrounds but with the same interests and passions


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Crossover Lab Initiative

Between January and March 2017, to promote the distinct cultural characteristics and iconic attractions of Hong Kong’s local districts to a wider audience, West Kowloon is hosting a series of pilot “Crossover Lab Initiative” events in collaboration

Public and Learning Programmes

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Learn more about Tree Tour

Would you like to know how to recognise different types of trees and plants? Our Tree Tour guides are happy to share interesting stories and fun facts about the species we are growing in the Nursery Park. Take a look at the video to find out more about our Tree Tours

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Experience Sharing

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Consultation Panel Meeting
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Internships and Volunteering

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International Workshop Festival of Theatre

This biennale International Workshop Festival of Theatre (IWF) is part of the longer term capability development of the Hong Kong and regional arts landscape on the methodologies of making contemporary performance