Opening Speech


Changing the game: How creative organisations thrive through turbulent times


Michael Lynch
Chief Executive Officer, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

Abstract: "Standing still is not an option"
Working in arts and cultural sector for over 40 years, Michael shared his views on arts and West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) project. "The whole business of arts is about risk-taking" directly highlighted the challenges that arts administrators faced. He further elaborated that the WKCD project acted as a catalyst for change in the Hong Kong cultural landscape. So what was the key factor contributing to success? Hong Kong people took ownership of the project, so that WKCD not just identified with artist and arts organisations, but with communities - create a place for everyone.

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Keynote Speech 1


Key factors in making changes and breaking through


Karen Brooks Hopkins
President, Brooklyn Academy of Music

Abstract: "Creativity changes the game"
As the President of Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Karen shared her experience on the leadership and management of BAM. She demonstrated how a historical arts institution got breakthroughs without losing its unique character and tradition through diligent staff, efficient marketing and technology innovation. She also emphasised the importance of having an effective fundraising strategy for the arts institution. "Like any good business, to survive and breakthrough, you must have an articulated mission, a good product and a no nonsense business plan." People needed energy and vision, a leader needed to be ambitious and have an expansive view.

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Keynote Speech 2


Changing the landscape in the arts: On the planning and implementation of arts policies and strategies on a national level


Paweł Potoroczyn
Director, Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Abstract: "Hong Kong should be different"
Using the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as an illustration, Paweł introduced the arts education and development in Poland. As a diplomat and arts administrator, he shared his opinions on how to make good use of the government funding without inhibiting the creativity and freedom of the arts institution.

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Keynote Speech 3


Strategic planning for creative success


Graham Devlin
Arts Consultant;
Former Deputy Secretary General, Arts Council England

Abstract: "Remember the plans are framework, not rules"
Graham explained the importance of strategic planning as a key success for the arts organisations, especially during turbulent times. "The plan is nothing, planning is everything. Plans are guidelines, they are not rules." Be clear to monitor the progress and the more febrile the environment, the more regularly review and action planning is required. By studying various cases, he elaborated how strategic planning could be applied on different organisations.

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