Building M+: The Museum and Architecture Collection - Teaching Pack

Specifically written to support teaching, especially in architecture, art and design, and environmental education, this teaching pack provides ideas that can be adopted into the teaching of varying ages, using materials about the exhibited collection in the show, “Building M+: The Museum and Architecture Collection”. 

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Learning Platform

Designed to illustrate the interrelationship and thematic discourse between the exhibited collections in the exhibition, “Building M+: The Museum and Architecture Collection” the online platform serves as a teaching and self-learning tool for those with an architectural enthusiasm.

At the centre, you will find the thematic guides that reference the loosely-organised and overlapping “signposts” in the exhibition, showing the intricate interconnection of the exhibits. Descriptions of each exhibit can be found by clicking the individual project shown on the platform. 16 focused case-studies, highlighted with thumbnails, contains additional background information, reflective discussion points and extension activities for those who are interested to find out more about the exhibition.

*The platform is best viewed on a desktop browser. Click here to open the platform in full screen.

Museum Architecture Design

Museum Architecture Design is an illustrated booklet targeting young readers aged 12 or above. Through an architect’s perspective, it raises some of the integral questions towards coming up with a museum design. With M+ building as an example, the book also explains the ways in which architecture are studied and collected to facilitate a deeper appreciation of the subject.

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