Past events

  • The Heartless Men of Cantonese Opera

    25.06.2019 to 23.07.2019, Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

    In this series of two talks, theatre practitioner and critic Dr Cheung Ping-kuen examines the psychological and emotional journeys of some of Cantonese opera’s iconic “heartless men”, looking at the motivation behind their behaviour, and exploring the relevance of these characters for modern day audiences

    Past event
  • Make Your Own Xiqu-inspired Badge Holder

    21.07.2019, Atrium, Xiqu Centre

    Decorate a badge holder with a fun image of one of the four main roles in Chinese traditional theatre – male, female, painted face and comic – and learn fun facts about this traditional performing art at the same time

    Past event
  • Mini Flower Plaque Workshop

    20.07.2019, Studio, Xiqu Centre

    Learn about the history and art of one of Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage crafts and create your own mini flower plaque in a two-hour artist-led workshop

    Past event
  • Kunqu: Portrayals of Human Nature

    06.07.2019, Seminar Hall & Studio, Xiqu Centre

    In this talk, Chinese opera scholar Chan Chun-miu looks at the development of Kunqu productions over time, and explores how stories of life and human nature have become central themes for the genre

    Past event