Theatre is a live experience.

The audience enter a theatre, and experience a live performance in the same space, at the same time, watching the same performers, interacting with the same stage lighting, sound and multi-media effects. In a theatre performance, the technical aspects (staging, lighting, sound) are elements of performing arts just as important as the performers, while the entire theatre space (architecture) itself is constructed by technologies. “Freespace Tech Lab” is a three-year project infusing innovative stage technology and performing arts, providing a platform for exchange between related technology providers of performing arts and participants, with a view to enhancing the applications of stage technology.

Showcasing: innovative experiments with stage technology and theatre space
Exchange: dialogue between related users and providers of performing arts technology
Training: nurturing talents of integrated technologies and innovative creativity

“Freespace Tech Lab” explores the forefront of stage technology and showcases, manifesting the diversity of possibilities in black box theatre. The focal point of the first year is “Sound, Light and Space”, including infusing production techniques of Soundscape, Kinetic Winch, Projection and Lighting and GiantMirror into the realm of performing arts. The Studio Theatre of Hong Kong Cultural Centre will be converted into an experimental venue with four mirror walls, and the possibilities of this experimental space would be explored through the endless reflections of the mirrors.

Tech Lab Experimentation: Sound, Light and Space

► Soundscape: sound effects of theatre
Sound localisation is an important facet of theatre sound design. Soundscape uses a multi-dimensional sound design processor to stimulate the visual imagination of the audience.

► Kinetic Winch: digital programming of
the rigging system
20 sets of rigging installations controlled by digital programming will be placed in the black box theatre to experiment with the synchronisation of the automated rigging system, sound and lighting.

► Projection and Lighting: lights and shades of stage
Light defines space. With the new techniques of projection, the experiment of stage lighting and projection is carried out, pixels and stage lighting being merged into one: projection is lighting, lighting is projection.

► GiantMirror: theatre space
This idea originated from the stage design of Danny Yung’s The Trial in the 90's, with a black box constructed with the four walls made of four mirrors, each 18m x 11m. The innovative mirroring technique then is reinterpreted into this endless theatre space.

Creator, Artistic Director and Spatial Designer:
Mathias Woo

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