“International Workshop Festival of Theatre (IWF) is part of the capability development of the Hong Kong and regional arts landscape on the methodologies of making contemporary performance. Through this, the Performing Arts Department hopes to lay the foundation on the processes of creation and making new work resonant with thoughts and discourse of the contemporary milieu. At West Kowloon, we will be heavily invested in forging new frontiers and possibilities for the Hong Kong performing arts and artists. Our DNA is very much about developing, producing and presenting content that is relevant to and from this part of the world. IWF is the beginnings to this aim. These workshops and dialogue between theatre makers from Hong Kong and elsewhere will be the building blocks to possible collaborations and actual projects. More importantly, they serve as meeting points for new creative relationships to imagine the performing arts for the next 5 to 10 years.”

Low Kee Hong, Head of Artistic Development (Theatre) 

The Festival includes workshops, public lectures and dialogue with artists from Hong Kong and elsewhere.  It gives theatre practitioners the opportunity to augment their knowledge and skills in the company of leading theatre and contemporary performance makers from around the world. To provide a wider access for current and future audiences on to the notes, discussions and on-goings of the workshop festival, a new online video magazine featuring videos of the public lectures, artist interviews and event highlights is published.

For the International Workshop Festival of Theatre, 11 leading international theatre and contemporary performance makers are invited to share their approaches to making performances from 6 August to 14 November 2015.

1/ On Documentary Theatre (6-8 Aug)
Stefan Kaegi / Rimini Protokoll (Germany) x On & On Theatre Workshop
In Collaboration with Goethe-Institut Hong Kong
Public Lecture | Workshop | Video

2/ On Playwright - Jon Fosse (5-10 Oct)
Hege Randi Torrensen (Norway)
In Collaboration with Hong Kong Repertory Theatre & Ibsen International
Public Lecture | Workshop

3/ On Creating a Critical Dialogue with Society (19-24 Oct)
Yudi Ahmad Tajudin & Ugoran Prasad / Teater Garasi (Indonesia) x Alice Theatre Laboratory
Public Lecture | Workshop

4/ On Dramaturgy: Masterclass on Contemporary Theatre (21-27 Oct)
Prof. Christoph Lepschy (Germany)
In Collaboration with On & On Theatre Workshop 
(Workshop in their New Writing Festival 2015)
Public Lecture | Workshop

5/ On Writing Movement, Text & Dance (26-31 Oct)
Alan Lucien Øyen / Winter Guests (Norway) x Théâtre de la Feuille 
Public Lecture | Workshop

6/ On Theatre of the Senses (26-31 Oct)
Enrique Vargas / Teatro de los Sentidos (Spain) x Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio
Public Lecture | Workshop

7/ On Real Time Performance (2-7 Nov)
Jan Fabre Teaching Group / Troubleyn (Belgium) x Yat Po Singers
Public Lecture | Workshop

8/ Workshopping Automatic Workshop (9-14 Nov)
Ant Hampton (United Kingdom) & Christophe Meierhans (Switzerland) x Cinematic Theatre
Public Lecture | Workshop

Enquiry: pa1@wkcda.hk

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