"To me theatre is a way to understand through and by emotions. It's a reflection that comes besides the nationality and language. Besides the languages, there are a lot of stimuli." 
Jon Fosse

Fosse's writing is all about rhythm and silence. He has often been compared with Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett; he is less naturalistic, more liturgical than either. In this 6-day workshop led by Norwegian dramaturg Hege Randi Torrensen, participants will embark on a journey to the Fosse's world, read behind the text and explore the relationship between reality and illusion. Under the guidance of Hege, they will study two Fosse’s plays, including one of his most popular works ‘Someone is going to come’. Through readings and rehearsals, participants will analyse different elements in his plays and explore different ways of interpreting his works.

5-10 October 2015 (Monday to Saturday)

5-9 October 2015, 11am to 5pm (with one hour lunch break)
10 October 2015, 2pm – 6pm (Public demonstration session)

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre Rehearsal Room 1 (6/F Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong)

Target Participants: 
Professional theatre actor-directors or actor-playwrights

English supplement with Cantonese

Workshop Instructor:
Hege Randi Torrensen (Norway)

Workshop fee:

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