Ant Hampton and Christophe Meierhans have each created autotheatre performances in which the audience 'acts' or 'performs' by following a list of instructions, loosely or precisely, without prior rehearsal. Challenging pre-conceived concepts of what constitutes theatre or art, Hampton’s and Meierhans’ practices are marked by strategies of disruption, and a willingness to take risks in public spaces in an attempt to push back against urban alienation.

In this workshop, Hampton and Meierhans will collaborate with young theatre makers on the development of an 'Automatic Workshop' – one led entirely by automatic text, recorded audio and visual media. Using a mix of experimentation and writing, and sharing their process of 'workshopping the workshop', they will open up their thinking and working practices and draw out participants' influences, concerns and approaches within the context of Hong Kong. The resulting 'Automatic Workshop', will be offered at a later stage, once it is finished. 

9-13 November 2015 (Monday to Friday)

2:30pm - 6:30pm

Plato (Shop D, G/F., Man Hoo Court, 448-452A Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei)

Target Participants: 
Theatre Practitioners, daring and curious artists who wish to re-engage with the world around them. 


Ant Hampton (United Kingdom) & Christophe Meierhans (Switzerland)

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