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  • The Music of Cantonese Opera The Music of Cantonese Opera West Kowloon 101

    The Music of Cantonese Opera

    20.11.2018, H6 CONET

    This talk explores the wide range of musical elements used in Cantonese opera, looking at the different vocal styles used for male and female roles, and the use of percussive instruments and rhythmic melodies to enhance mood and narrative

    Past event
  • 101 Dialogue on Cantonese Opera

    24.06.2018, Campfire – Wong Chuk Hang

    In this talk, Pui Yan will share anecdotes and challenges in her career. In addition, she will introduce the costumes and make-up styles of sheng (male role) and dan, as well as singing styles and performing techniques used in Cantonese Opera. Participants may have the invaluable opportunities of trying on costumes

    Past event
  • Cantonese Opera 101

    17.04.2018, HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College

    This talk explores how Cantonese opera has transitioned from the use of Mandarin and traditional vocal techniques to the use of the Cantonese vernacular. Demonstrating vocal styles and techniques, the speaker offers a deeper understanding of the aesthetic features of Cantonese opera

    Past event
  • Cantonese Opera and Hong Kong Culture 101

    03.03.2018, HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College

    This talk takes an in-depth look at the ways in which Cantonese opera and Cantonese operatic song have shaped Hong Kong culture, exploring their influence on the local vernacular, education and performing arts

    Past event
  • Cantonese Opera Face Painting and Costumes 101

    16.01.2018, HKU SPACE - Admiralty Learning Centre

    This talk looks at the face painting and dressing processes used in contemporary Cantonese opera, and at the ways in which costumes contribute to the portrayal of different characters

    Past event
  • Cantonese Opera 101 – Xiaoqu (folk music)

    26.07.2017, HKU SPACE International College - United Learning Centre

    In this talk, the speaker Paris Wong looks at different types of xiaoqu to show the flexibility of Cantonese opera and how the art form incorporates elements of pop songs from different eras and theme songs from Hong Kong movies

    Past event