• 1

    If our school cannot meet all of the requirements listed out by M+, such as programme dates and timeslots, number and form of students, electricity requirement, etc., will M+ still consider our application?

    Yes. The school is welcome to submit the application. Yet, our priority will be given to schools that are able to fulfill all the requirements.

  • 2

    What is the difference between the In-school Artist-led Activities and Artist-led Community Activities? Have the group of students attending the two activities to be the same?

    Artist-led Community Activities is an extension of In-school Artist-led Activities. Each of the artist-led activities gives students a unique experience. In the In-school Artist-led Activities, students become the co-producers who contribute to the artist’s work; afterwards, in the Artist-led Community Activities, students would take on the role of the facilitators of the artist’s work to initiate dialogues and activities with the public as their own understanding of the work deepens. Ideally, the learning experience of students will be more completed if the group of students participating in the two activities are the same.

  • 3

    Is the classroom pre-workshop activities compulsory to every participating students?

    This is optional activities. While school is responsible to arrange at least 15 participants of In-school Artist-led Activities to join in order to facilitate the activity goes smooth. Pre-workshop activities aims to consolidate participants’ understanding to participating artist so that students could easily connect the experience of Artist-led Activities at M+ Rover. M+ will arrange the date and time after confirming the schedule of in-school activities.

  • 4

    Is this programme only for students who study visual arts or have previous experience in art?

    This programme aims to nurture students’ interest in visual art and culture, so F.3-F.6 students who may or may not have prior experience in art are welcome to join. Teacher-in-charge is welcome to join and experience with students together.

  • 5

    What is the major role of M+ Rover Ambassador?

    Teachers are encouraged to select 3 – 5 students to be M+ Rover Ambassador during their recess, lunch or free lessons. They will assist curatorial team to prepare and promote the exhibition during the stay in school. Students could see behind-the-scene operation and exchange with the team.

  • 6

    What time does the In-school M+ Rover Exhibition open?

    M+ suggests the exhibition period to include recess and lunch breaks. Besides, it is encouraged to arrange guided tours for students to attend during their class period, regardless of subject, so as to make it accessible to more students and teachers, and to fully utilize our resources. The duration of each guided tour is approximately 20 minutes.

  • 7

    If our school wants M+ Rover to park in our school for more than 1 day, is it possible?

    Schools are welcome to request M+ Rover to park for more than 1 day if the campus could accommodate M+ Rover to park overnight. M+ would accommodate your request depending on the availability and the parking location of M+ Rover.

  • 8

    What is the role of the teacher-in-charge in the activities?

    The teacher-in-charge will be responsible for all coordination work prior to the programme, such as to ensure all venue and electricity requirements are met by the school and to select participating students. During the programme, the teacher-in-charge should accompany students to every activity and assist by facilitating participating students’ attendance.

  • 9

    Based on what selection criteria would the schools be selected?

    M+ would like to engage as many schools in the programme as possible as long as they meet the basic venue requirements. If the number of applications exceeds the quota M+ could accommodate, the schools will be selected based on its past experience in coordinating similar art and cultural activities.

  • 10

    Our school wants to join the programme but our campus cannot accommodate the venue and other requirements laid out by M+ Rover. Can M+ make other arrangements for us?

    Schools could explore the possibilities of partnering with schools nearby if their own campuses cannot accommodate the M+ Rover. In addition, M+ recommends students and teachers to join the Artist-led Community Activities as a member of the public. Details on community sessions will be announced on our website nearer the time.

  • 11

    Will M+ provide shuttle bus service for students and teachers attending the Artist-led Community Activity?

    A modest amount of transportation subsidies would be available upon request. Please download the application form from the ‘School Session’ of programme website for more details.

  • 12

    Will schools participated in M+ Rover 2015-16 be considered in M+ Rover 2016-17?

    Every year, M+ will commission creative practitioners from different field of visual culture to develop a school programme. Schools that have participated in the programme previously are welcome to submit their application.