13 Nov (Sun) Programme Rundown


Big Circle, Nursery Park


Dance for all!


Big Circle, Nursery Park


18 Steps


Big Circle, Nursery Park

Workshop & Showcase

Big Dance Variation

For location details, please refer to the map in Overview.

Programme Description

Dance for all! workshop

Join us for a celebration of dance that welcomes participants of all abilities. The workshop is collaboratively presented by the HKAPA Dance Alumni Association and the Symbiotic Dance Troupe of the Centre for Community Cultural Development.

18 Steps workshop

Get ready to learn some country moves and take part in an American line dance ‘18 Steps’!

Big Dance Variation workshop and showcase

Take part in a workshop featuring an excerpt of the Big Dance piece choreographed by Akram Khan. To realise that ‘Everyone can dance’, the youth members of Passoverdance invite you to participate in the creative process of the Big Dance Variation and make dance part of your everyday life, wherever you are!

Collaborating Partners

The HKAPA Dance Alumni Association

The HKAPA Dance Alumni Association serves as a bridge between the Academy's School of Dance and its alumni body, and provides a network offering alumni a foundation for collaboration and exchange in the field of dance and other art forms.


Established in 1993 as a local non-profit art organization, Passoverdance, whose members include Pewan Chow, Antoinette Mak and other young artists, works to promote an ethnic dance culture and nurture a new generation of dancers. The organization is devoted to exploring the unique potential of each work and promoting a deeper interaction and conversation with the audience.


The Symbiotic Dance Troupe of the Centre for Community Cultural Development

The Symbiotic Dance Troupe was established by the Centre for Community Cultural Development in 2009 and founded on the belief that ‘Everyone can dance’. Symbiotic dance is based on DanceAbility developed by Alito Alessi (a combination of Dan Baron Cohen’s Transformance and Nancy Stark Smith’s Underscore), and merges elements of inclusive and creative dance to enable people of different abilities to discover their potential. The Symbiotic Dance Troupe consists of a mix of professional dancers and dancers facing various challenges (visual, hearing, physical, learning), who collaborate with individuals of different abilities to create beautiful pieces of performance art.