Programme Rundown

14:45 – 15:00

Central Lawn, Nursery Park


One Foot Lifted

Big Dance

15:45 – 16:15

Big Circle, Nursery Park

Showcase & Workshop

One Foot Lifted

Dance Warm-up

Big Dance


Programme Description

One Foot Lifted

One Foot Lifted is a short dance work about the moment we decide whether to embark on a journey or not. The point where one foot is lifted and we are caught stepping forward.

Choreographer: Jaime Redfern and John Utans
Sound Designer: Labroe Lee

Big Dance

With choreography by Akram Khan, one of the most celebrated and respected dance artists today, Big Dance is inspired by the message ‘Everyone Can Dance’, inviting audiences to make dance part of our everyday lives, everywhere.

Collaborating Partner

HKAPA Dance Ensemble

The HKAPA Dance Ensemble is comprised of a group of young dance talents currently studying at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts as full-time dance students. The group perform extensively, giving around 16 performances per year.