Words from the Learning and Participation team

We believe that each and every one of us possess seeds of artistic creativity that can be nurtured by experience and exploration. Our goal is to connect people from diverse backgrounds and show that art and life are inseparable; to move away from the notion of presenting art to a passive audience, and to foster a culture of active participation.

WE Dance is a participatory experience that “welcomes everyone to dance”. Presented as part of Freespace Happening 2016/2017, the programme aims to connect people through shared dance stories and new dance adventures. For each event, WE Dance will invite local dance organisations to showcase performances and host participatory workshops that encourage the public to join in and experience different types of dance firsthand. In September, the programme opens with students from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA) School of Dance and an interpretation of the piece “One Foot Lifted”, about the moment when we decide whether to embark on a journey or not. In October, students from CCDC Dance Centre encourage young participants to set their imagination free and express themselves creatively through dance.

In November, Passoverdance, HKAPA Dance Alumni Association and the Symbiotic Dance Troupe of the Centre for Community Cultural Development have been invited to engage participants to move out of their comfort zone, shake off their inhibitions and dance to their heart’s content! In December and January, secondary school students from the HKAPA’s Gifted Young Dancer Programme and the EDB Applied Learning Course present exciting original dance work, with interactive sessions where participants are encouraged to reconnect with their inner child and dance ‘like no one is watching’.

In the February finale, all of our programme partners will join us in the Nursery Park for a festive WE Dance celebration with interactive workshops that give participants the chance to unwind, move their bodies freely, and express themselves creatively as part of a personal and communal community dance piece.