LockCha Tea Shop

LockCha Tea Shop

Photo courtesy of LockCha Tea Shop

Brewing since 1991, LockCha Tea Shop started as a store selling loose tea leaves in Hong Kong. Three decades on, the tea house has grown into a reputable brand with multiple branches selling fine tea, teaware and snacks across Hong Kong, and an online presence that delivers quality Chinese tea and wares to tea lovers worldwide. 

LockCha gets its name from the romanisation of “樂”, which means happiness and fortune, and “茶”, the Chinese character for “tea”. Firm believers in fair trade, its founder, Ip Wing-chi, and his veteran sourcing specialists purchase first-rate tea leaves from small tea farmers, journeying across China and Taiwan in search of the finest tea. The brand sends its tea leaves to third-party laboratories for assessment before putting them on the shelves.

Their philosophy for good tea is simple: delicious, healthy, authentic, and worth the money. If that resonates with you, stop by their Xiqu Centre shop for everything you will need to create the ultimate at-home tea experience.

Unit No. 3, LG/F, Xiqu Centre

Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Sunday and Public Holiday: 11:00am–8:00pm

Phone: (852) 7075 2267
Website: www.lockcha.com